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Highly Recommended

Like many - I think - I was using a Mac Mini to connect to and stream all my music files and it sounds pretty good. At least I thought so until I plugged in the Aires. Holy Cow - what a difference it made. Aries makes my music easy to get to but now the sound is 400% better. I really didn't know what I was missing until now. Highly Recommended!

- Lloyd S, AZ
Best I've Heard to Date

Having owned Sonos, Bose and Musicast, your software is up there with the very best and is a delight to use. Also the Aries sound quality is stunning. Best I've heard to date.

James Sunday
Excellent Gadget!

I just love my Aries server, but friends keep asking me 'what is a wireless bridge." My simple answer is that it bridges the gap between my music files which are a two computers and two NAS drives and my DAC - which just also happens to be the Auralic Vega. I choose the Vega because it was the most musical of the DAC it tried - and I tried a bunch of them. The Aries was very easy to set up - I had to make one phone call to Kaan at 'Advisor and he talked me through my issue in about two minutes. Now the Aries works beautifully and lets me 'see' all my music files on my jRiver software. Excellent gadget!

- Peter Jazzman, IL
Love it

This is a way cool piece of kit that let's me play all my music files - including my new favorite DSD. The Aries sounds way better than streaming music directly from my Mac. I think the reason is the very good outboard power supply and the fact that, unlike my Mac, the Aries is just trying to do one thing - play music as purely as possible. I directly connect my music drive to the Aries but can also access my wife's music on her iMac and even the kid's tunes on their laptop which is pretty cool. Back to the sound - Aries sounds more open, airy, expansive and engaging than my Mac with details galore - plus speed, slam and punch. It's all there a more real that anything I was getting off my Mac. Color me impressed.

- Al Stone, NV
Strong Recommendation

I met the designer of Auralic - Wang - at the Rocky Mountain HiFi Show two years ago. I think its so cool to be able to talk to the guys who invent the components. I was impressed with Wang's focus on sonic purity and open access to all your digital music files. Sounds like a smart way to go. I connected the Aries bridge to my Parasound Z-DAC - sorry Wang - but I'm hooked on the sound of this DAC - and fell in love with the utility of the Aries right away. Whether I use the jRiver app on my laptop or control it with my iPad the Aries smoothly and seemlessly delivers my music. It sounds cleaner than the streamer I was using - I won't mention the name - and the bass goes really DEEP with power and speed. Yes, strongly recommended.

- Andre P, WA
Smart and Good

Had this streamer since January and I love it. The app is excellent and the sound is IMO excellent. Auralic support is very good. They seem to really care about their owners. Every firmware they've introduced has been a very good upgrade. Smart company. Good product.

- Bryce W, TX
Music Sweeter

Purchased this product based on a review by the ComputerAudiophile guy who found it sounded better than any computer music server he and his friends could put together. I've been on similar journey, but now admit the Aries sounds better than any of the Mac + Software combos I've tried. The music is just sweeter, more effortless - more like my updated Thorens turntable. Then there is the flexibility to play DSD files ... wow.

- Cabe S, KS