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My System Sounds Better

Owned for three weeks now and it has definitely improved the sound in my system. Things I notice: Bass is rock solid and more authoritative. Female vocals sound more distinct and more effortless. I am also reluctant to admit there is more "air" around instruments. Noticeable audio improvement all around. I even tried removing it from the system and running everything straight from the wall, but the system sounds better with the Niagra. It’s a keeper.

- Paul C, TX
Can’t Listen Without It

Using for only two weeks now. This thing is a beast and comes in a crate. Impressive construction all the way around. High quality outlets at the back that put a demon grip my AC plugs. I like those outlets. After connections, my initial impression was positive, though not spectacular. The system seemed to be extracting more detail from recordings and having a ‘blacker’ background, but nothing really jumped out at me. I ran the system 24 hours a day for seven days to break it in. That made a difference. Now I’m hearing music emerging from a jet-black background.. Instruments sound more natural. Its all very subtle yet intoxicating. Two weeks now and I still think its breaking in. Will report more later in a month or two. At this point, though, I will say I like what I’m hearing and don’t want to listen without it.

- Kim Y, AR