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Best upgrade yet

This was the best upgrade i have experienced in my 25 years as an audiophile. It's on par with my last major upgrade to Vandersteen 2C speakers but this cable makes the Vandersteen sound much better - clearer treble, rich midrange and rock solid bass. I chose the premium connectors because i know connections are so important. They are beautiful connectors and grip like a son-of-a-buck.

- Charles S, MA
Nice upgrade

Admittedly, I have never had any super expensive, exotic cables in my system, so I am only comparing to pretty basic 10 gauge, braided wire that I terminated myself with inexpensive banana plugs, but this cable is a definite upgrade in sound. Everything sounds crisper, and more detailed. Not radically better, but a solid 10+% improvement, and for the very reasonable price, I think a wise investment.

- Robert J, OR