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Cleaner Sound

i can't think of a system that will clean your vinyl as well with as less hassle than this system. plug it in, fill with distilled water, pour in the solution and hit start. when done, drop the needle. I noticed an immediate improvement in the sound of my LPs - pops, ticks and clicks - gone. LP surface noise I'd become accustomed to for so many years - reduced by 90%. Your vinyl deserves this machine!!

- Giuliani R, NJ
NOTHING better exists for cleaning your records...

This thing is expensive...yep. But NOTHING else, except for the American made KL Audio cleaner. They both work similarly, and are both about the same price point. The KL Audio machine LOOKS cleaner and more "professional" at first, but the ADS won out for me. It handles everything you can throw at it and it does a better job, IMHO. As well, the ADS has an internal, cleanable filter that allows you to save fluid by rinsing out and cleaning the foam pad. There are several other user replaceable parts that are readily available as well. In use, the ADS works great for 150g discs and up. When flimsier, lighter discs are used, you have to be very careful to ensure that the vinyl lines up correctly, or the disc can get "grabbed" and pulled offline. I broke one cheap old record due to this issue. It's the only time, but one needs to be careful. Again, this thing is expensive, but there is NOTHING on the market that cleans this well. I can rescue vinyl that was once unsalvageable. I recently procured a large collection of vinyl stored in an attic for 30 years. It was covered in dirt, mold, and other things. I was able to resuscitate all but one disc to near perfect "black vinyl" with this thing. It's an investment, but this baby should last for your entire listening career and then some.

- Jason L, AL