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Love It

Using for two weeks an simply love it. My Pioneer never gets warm anymore even when I run it hard. it's always cool now. T8 also stops the dust from easily getting in the receivers top slits, since the unit sits on top of it. The packaging and presentation is very nice too as you know you are buying a top notch product that actually works and does what it claims to do. I highly recommend for a receiver you want to keep cool!!!

- Rob Wood, OH
Great Product

This unit is excellent The build quality and features for the price is hard to beat. This unit is capable of moving a lot of air. The T8 is great if you need to stuff it in a tight space with no vertical clearance thanks to the low profile. The fans pull from the bottom and blow out the back of the unit instead of the top! Also, you can kill the display completely to keep it dark in your theater setting.

- Konstantinos C, IL
Perfect for Me

I love these fans. I have mine setup to automatically fire up once a certain temperature is reached and it cools the amps quickly and then turns off automatically - perfect! I have recommend them to several friends. I'm using two T8s to cool the Marantz 8802a and 8077 amps which are inside a Salamander cabinet with closed doors.

- Leon J, AZ
Works Great For Me

Using two T8s inside an enclosed cabinet to cool two Rotels amps that can get warm when they are on for a long time. I know that’s not good for the amps. The amp cool down quickly after the auto-turn-on feature triggers them. Using them at their lowest setting. Would recommend to anyone who has a warm-running amp.

- Garland G, VA
Worth 10X the Price

The T8 is a great product that fits perfectly over the top of the Denon receiver. The receiver used to get quite warm to the touch, but now It always runs cool. I have mine set up to turn on at a pre-set temperature and this T8 is a receiver saver, I know there are other fan options out there, buts this is just about perfect. Well worth the price x10!

- Chen, Bo, GA
Highly Recommend

I've owned the AC Infinity T9 for two months. My Marantz SR7011 is inside a cabinet and can get warm. The T8 performs very well, maintaining temperatures at or below 95F, in smart mode. I highly recommend this product.

- Jonathan S, NY
Works Great On My Parasound

Using to cool my old Parasound 2500 amp which runs warm when I turned up the volume to concert levels. The T8 is set to automatically turn and does a great job of cooling the amp. I am confident this will enable me to get a few more years out of my Parasound before i have to invest in a new one.

- Dale P, MI
Surprised by the quality for the price

Using to cool my Yamaha AVR receiver inside a cabinet and gets hot if left on for a long time. The T8 does a great job of cooling but giving only four stars because I can detect slight fan noise during quiet passages on action movies. This is because the fans are set to auto and are running on high during and after lots of actions and explosions. Overall good product. Glad I bought it. Surprised by the quality for the low price.

- Shaw, J.R., KY
This is fantastic, so much so I ordered a 2nd one!

This is a fantastic product, ended up buying a second, first turn to on, set desired fan speed never more than 3 then set desired temperature in auto setting when it reaches within 4 degrees of this it turns on and at the lowest setting if it still continues to heat up the fan will speed up. When below that 4 degree threshold it is off, set alarm at 90 degrees for me and its ultra quiet too, settings are automatic based off heat. They also look great in my equipment rack pictured. ****If you do not change the fan speed before putting it in auto mode it will come on blasting i.e. loud change that before switching to Auto mode. Most electronics fail 98% of the time due to power or heat. I have the power protection covered after a bad 15k experience 15yrs ago and now heat problem solved and have used their products for some time, that they finally came out with component style devices which put a smile on my face. The device is perfect, set to auto at 80 degrees it turns on when needed and off when not, looks perfect on top of my high end receiver. Most electronics fail due to lack of proper protection and heat problems solved. Great! Wish I could adjust the brightness on the display though.....just sent a request for an answer you can turn it off though I just want it dimmer, love the display telling you temp, alarms, etc.

- Drew M, IL
After a small hiccup, the T-9 is the best cooling system ever!

I purchased this in hopes of cooling down my Integra DHC-80.3 Surround Processor. It was running so hot that it was painful to leave my hand on the rear top panel after watching a two-hour movie. The entire chassis was as hot as one of the old steam radiators, well over 173 degrees using a laser thermometer. Once installed on top of the processor with the fans set at the next to slowest speed, the processor chassis remains cool to the touch and rarely does the T-9's exhaust temps get above 75 degrees. That's an almost 100 degree difference! This works so well I am buying a second T-9 in case this one wears out...and it's built like a tank. I am also getting the two-fan model to replace the noisy stock cooler in an iNUKE6000DSP pro amp I use to power a pair of 1000W+ infrasonic subs. Thanks to the great people at Audio Advisor for offering such an effective, well-built line of component cooling products!

Practically Perfect In Every Way

So I have a Denon receiver, the expensive, high end model with Dolby Atmos, etc. It has two modes, one an eco mode for power saving and another, essentially to turn that off and run it full power. In both modes it runs hot, as one would expect it to. But especially with the eco mode turned off... you could fry eggs on this baby. I have it in a bookshelf and have been concerned that it was not getting the proper ventilation. So I always ran it in the eco mode. I started to look on line for some kind of cooling fan. Last year I came across a product that would cost upward of $240.00 to configure it the way I wanted. I put it aside for another day. I recently began to research it again and came across the Aircom T9. Practically perfect. Although, ideally, I would love for it to vent out the front you can get it to vent out the top or back as the other unit did, there is so much value in this product, I didn't care. The fact that you can program it to run behind the scenes, as it were, to be able to set a temperature that it will come on at and even more so, that it had multi-speed fans that will progressively increase in speed as your device gets warmer... well, that's terrific. Add to that the unit has an alarm that will go off if the temperature rises above a temp. that I can set. Well, I don't even have to worry if a fan shuts down and my receiver starts to over heat because it will let me know. And all of this for a great price. Again, a lot of value built in here. At this point I've used if for a couple of days and the long term is where you can really tell. But right now... I'm very impressed. And, of course, most importantly, my receiver is now nice & cool, hopefully prolonging it's life and relieving me of "over heating" anxiety. Many thanks to the folks at AC Infinity. I highly recommend their product.

- Michael S, CA
Worth every penny

My theater has 2 racks of gear that include 2 B&K 200.7's. With the receiver in Pre/Pro mode, the amps, Blu-Ray running, heat builds up quickly. I have 1 of these on each amp, and on the receiver as well. They trigger when needed, and power down to stand-by when their job is done. Heat is dissipated, and amps are happy. Though they are in a room off the theater, sound is not an issue, but even when I am in the room, they are barely audible. They work great, and look good. Don't hesitate. Buy them

- Mark T, IN