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I Couldn't Be Happier

For a couple years I have been looking for a more convenient solution to listening to and saving my collection of more than 800 CDs. I saw this product in the Audio Advisor catalog and called them up. The salesman named Kaan - like in the Star Trek movie - was very knowledgeable and very helpful. He convinced me to give this machine a try. I love it! It takes only a few minutes to rip each CD. The control app makes the process very easy and also makes it easy to organize all my music. My whole experience with the Vault and with Audio Advisor has been a pleasure. I couldn't be happier with the result.

- Bruce T, AL
Love It

Love the Vault 2! Great sound quality. Takes around five minutes to rip a CD. Love having all my CDs accessible anywhere in my house through the Bluesound system, too.

- John J., CO

I am using the Vault 2 to house my collection of over 1,000 classical music files including many ripped from CDs and other hi-res versions downloaded from online. Most of the high-end audio media servers in the $2,000 price range do not include a DAC, but this one does. The Vault 2 is a high quality and is a well engineered device. It was easy to install, it sounds great, and rips CDs quickly. I find the BluOS app is well designed and allows you to find your music fast.

- Andrew T, NH
The Solution I Needed

The Vault 2 seems to be the perfect solution for me. Am using with the Cambridge AZUR 851 and Grado Reference headphones to keep my listening experience at the highest level while keeping physical space needs minimal. I have a huge collection of MP3 files of both music and old time radio show broadcasts. Pro: Huge storage. Handles all sorts of music file formats. Con: The OS had trouble indexing my collection of old time radio shows, but Bluesound support were great helping me sort through this issue.

- Jin Xu, DC
Thank You, Audio Advisor!

Love the sound when streaming music through TIDAL. I found this was the easiest way to rip and store my collection of CDs. Just put them in the slot and the Vauilt does the rest for you. Simple! Amaizng storage capacity - 2TB. Since the purchase I have ordered other Bluesound devices and am using throughout my big, 5,000 sq ft home. They all connect and sound great straight from the box. Salesman Tim helped me with my questions and I can recommend dealing with him. Thanks, Audio Advisor.

- Synchronicity, MI
Idiot Proof

This unit was the perfect solution for my apartment where space is at a premium. I ripped all my hundreds of CDs over a long weekend and put them in storage. Now I can easily access them from the Bluesound app. Like the many connectivity options and the simple interaction buttons on the top. Massive 2TB harddrive is included so I'm not worried about running out of storage. Connecting to the internet radio was a breeze. The unit automatically rips CDs when you put them in and then adds them to your music collection. Its about as idiot-proof as you can get. I should know, I'm one of them.

- Rusty D.G., NY
You Can't Go Wrong Here

This was not cheap, but was an excellent value for the money spent. Very easy to install and even easier to use on a daily basis. I have already ripped a few hundred CDs and have more to go, but I am mostly listening to Tidal streaming service during the day as I am working from home. Tidal sounds suprisingly good to me, at least when played through the Vault. CDs sound better and my hi-res files purchased through HDTracks.com sound amazing. You really can't go wrong with this thing.

- Required Field, CA
Bluesound vs Sonos

If you have tried the Sonos music system as I have then you've got to hear the Bluesound! Just like the Sonos, the Bluesound system is very easy to set up at home but the sonic difference is OMG so much better! Bluesound also has so much more to offer. It plays hi-res music files, for one. Also stores and incredible number of music files - literally thousands upon thousands of CDs. This one also rips and stores your CDs for you and Sonos doesnt do that. The main thing for me is the sound quality. The Bluesound is clearly superior to the Sonos. The difference is similar to the difference between an inexpensive DAC and an excellent one - greater clarity, especially in the bass, a more open sound with greater depth. The difference is especially apparent on complex music mixes, those with a lot of bass, and on voices. Now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the Sonos, its just that, in my experience, the Bluesound is superior and I hear it every single time I listen.

- My Two Cents, KY
Exceptional piece of audio equipment

The Vault2 replaced my Arcam Alpha 7 cd player. I was somewhat apprehensive about the Vault2 providing either better or at least the same level of quality of fidelity of my Alpha 7. At $1200 for the Vault2 the cost of the Vault2 was less expensive than my Alpha 7. The one thing to be aware of is the Vault2 is worthless without an Internet connection. I had purchased a device that plugs into the wall socket and then the router, a second piece that plugged into the wall socket and has an ether net cable that plugs into the Vault2. This gave the Vault2 Internet connection. Unfortunately, I have an old small house, just big enough for my wife, myself and our two Labrador Retrievers. With the device I just described, the house needs to be rewired and a new breaker panel. TheVault2 is worthless without an Internet connection. I had the cable company come out and install an ether net jack exclusively for the Vault2. I am now so pleased with this purchase as well as the quality of the sound provided by the Vault2. With a standard HDD capacity of two Terabytes it will hold a significant amount of music. When adding the CD's there are stored in the highest quality format possible. Simply the best audio purchase I have made.

Hi-Rez Sound

Easy setup and easy to rip your music. If you already have digital tracks then it is a snap to transfer the files to the Vault. It has no built in wifi so you must connect it to either a router or an extender Mine is connected to my network via an Apple Express. It is difficult to discern the difference between the original CD and the ripped digital track. Hi Resolution tracks sound excellent. Several music services to choose from. in MHO TIDAL is best. MQA supported.Highly Recommended!

- Ronald J, TX