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Unmatched For The Price Point

This is a stunning unit that will beat any CD player near the price point. I say this because I've bought and sold more 'high-end' CD players than anyone I know. My growing CD collection is over 5,000 and I listen a couple hours every day. Three things I love about the Bryston: sonic integrity. Accurately reproduced the sound of the CD to its limits. IF you have masterfully recorded JVC XRCDs in your collection as I do you will hear how great they sound. Construction quality is superb. The CD3 is heavier than any of the other CD players I've tried and is built like a brick. The thing just oozes stability and solidity. Bryston is famous for having the best warranty in the business and backs it with amazing service. CD3 is no excpetion and has a five-year warranty which is unheard of for a digital product. Lastly, it has a plethora of inputs and outputs - from single-ended RCA to balanced XLR - plus USB, ethernet and even RS-232 for control. All this is simply unmatched at the price point.

- Marvin F, TX
Fantastic Player

I bought the BCD to replace my Meridian which is on its last legs. The BCD3 sounds great with more clarity and openness than either of my other CD players. It has a very neutral and natural sonic presentation. On my reference bass recording, the Bryston has more solid bass that's faster and more accurate than my two other players. The biggest difference I notice is the amount of detail I'm hearing. The BCD3 just oozes details I have never noticed before. Its distracting and captivating. Last, but not least, the build quality of the Bryston is leagues ahead of my Meridian and Sony players. I am confident it will last twice as long as either.

- Robin D, NV

Amazingly detailed sound without sounding overly analytical or edgy. Extremely accurate to the source CD with zero colorations. Neutral - from the lowest lows to the ethereal highs there is balance. This is the last CD player I will every need. Kudos, Bryston!

- A.P., ND
A Winner!

After owning the Bryston CD1 for three years I recently sold it to get the new CD3. The CD3 is superior in every way to the older model with the latest AKM4490 dual dacs, improved power supply, improved lower noise analog output stage, a shorter signal path, new Sony-based transport and new OLED display. The CD3 sounds better in every way to the old CD1 and, in fact, better than any other CD player I have owned or auditioned. Improved imaging and detail was what I first noticed. Over time I noticed that images were more solid in three-dimensional space - as in more present in my listening room. The best way of describing it is "more palpable." I love the improvement this player has brought to my system and can strong recommend it to anyone who loves music and is willing to spend the price of entry. A winner.

- Ralph T, ON
A Winner

I replaced my tube amp with the Bryston 4B SST last year and was shocked by the improvement in depth, detail, dynamics AND mid-band warmth. When my Marantz SACD player failed to read two CDs on the same day I ordered up the new BDC3. Fresh from the box the CD3 was able to read every disc and gives me layers more information than any previous CD player. The best way to describe it is it sounds very 'analog-like'. It reminds me of the sound of my VPI turntable which is the best thing I can say about any CD player.

- Clark Potter, CA