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Stellar DAC!

I got my BDA-3 six months ago. Spectacular DAC, spectacular company and Spectacular service! If you have a number of digital audio sources like I do, this is an ideal product to get maximum performance out of all of them. I run the cable box, streaming box and DVD player though the HDMI inputs on the BDA-3. With this stellar DAC decrypting the digital audio, you will be very happy. DVDa works great, I need to test SACD again. I also own the Bryson BIT-15 power conditioner which also made a big sonic improvement in my system.

- Jose A.C., TX
Its A Steal!

No other DAC I could find offers this many connection options! I was able to connect all my digital gear - streamers 2, Mac Mini, optical transports 2 & Sony DAT - with ports to spare. One week in and the sound is stunning! By audiophile standards this dac is a steal.

- Chance B, TN
To Say I'm Thrilled Is An Under-Statement

I can't say enough great things about the quality of this Bryston gear. I'm very impressed with the construction quality which easily bests the top brands I've owned - from Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, to Krell - and the warranty is second to none. Its sound character is musical, a touch on the warm side, with superb staging and resolute detail. Bass is rich, well-defined and goes exceptionally low. Top end is vibrant and airy. Acoustic instruments offer superb decay .... It's not too overly analytical but deliver copious amount of detail. To say I'm thrilled is an under-statement. Thank you Bryston and 'Advisor for such a superb piece of gear!

- Hans L, WA
Thank You Bryston!

My friends and I managed to compare the original Bryston BDA1, the BDA-2 and this new BDA-3 for an extended listening session and the BDA-3 stands out - head and shoulders - above the earlier models in terms of transparency, richness and musicality. I am very happy and all my friends are jealous. Thank you Bryston and also Tim for guiding to through this purchase!

J.P. Jones
Good Buy

Listening for one month now. I chose the BDA-3 because it uses the new AKM 4490 chip. I've listened to the Sabre and the R2R Das and I prefer the sound of the AKM. Also love using DSD over HDMI. Its the perfect solution for me with this format. Sound is wonderfully detailed, exceptionally accurate and super musical - never dry. Transients are delivered with impressive impact - more meat on the bone - than my old Berkeley DAC. Good Buy

- Neko, ID
Musical and Neutral

Using with Oppo 105 and it sounds marvelous with my Aerial 7Ts. I also tried my friend's PS Audio Direct Stream DAC but we both agree the Bryston is slightly more neutral sounding and a tad more musical. On the bottom end, the BDA-3 is the clear hands-down winner. There's not really a big difference in other areas. We both rate the BDA-3 a 8.6 and the PS a 8.2. I may be able to get the BDA3 up to 9.0 with the right mix of cables, but my budgets not ready for that yet. Soon.

- Scott T, CO
Beautiful Upgrade

Replaced a three year old Berkely DAC with the BDA-3 because I wanted a change and also wanted to start collecting DSD files. After a warm-up period I noticed a deeper - at least 3ft deeper - and more detailed sound stage with more image height, weight and ahh, density. Images were more solid and not just in the middle as I've heard with some DACs. No, Images were more solid and 3D across the width of the soundstage - out on the edges and far into the rear. I also experimented with a new Pangea Premier XL USB cable which I found increased both the clarity and 3D quality of the images. Overall a beautiful upgrade for me and my partner.

- E Burns, FL
Great Sounding DAC

I purchased the BDA3 from another store in a package deal that involved a trade-in and an Audio Research Ref 6. The major reason I chose the BDA-3 is that it is currently one of the only DAC's that can decode the DSD layer from SACD discs over HDMI. I'm a fan of DSD and have a collection of SACD's from over the last 12 plus years. The sound of the BDA-3 was an improvement over the sound of the SACD's played in my Sony SCD 777, my Cary 306 SACD, and my Oppo BP 105. It of course only decodes the stereo layer. I used the HDMI 2 output of the Oppo BP105 to drive the BDA-3 for decoding SACD's. The sound is more detailed, stronger bottom end than the Oppo, and a wider and deeper soundstage. Although I purchased the BDA-3 for it's SACD capability, the biggest revelation was the way it improved Redbook CD's. Many of my Redbook CD's have an improved sound, narrowing the gap between high resolution recordings and regular CD's. And more of my well recorded CD's now sound better than many of the poorly recorded/mastered SACD's in my collection. The BDA3 does need a break-in period, and sounds somewhat flat coming out of the box. It wasn't until the second of week of playing that it began to shine. Although it can only decode SACD's over HDMI, it has the broadest format capabilities and I believe the best sound over USB. Sound over S/PDIF coaxial, BNC, and balanced also sound better than that over HDMI. I recently bought the Oppo UDP 205, curious how the more advanced ESS PRO 9038 DAC's it contained would match up to the BDA-3. The Oppo UDP 205 is a nice sounding unit, with a stronger low end than the BP 105 it is replacing. However, the two channel CD and SACD performance is still a few notches below that of the BDA-3. Bryston is also very responsive to customers, with emails often answered by individuals at the Vice Presidential level.

- Randy T, CA