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Why Only Five Stars?

I love getting the Audio Advisor catalog in my mail box. When I’m in the mood to try something new this catalog always has something interesting to offer me. Audio is my hobby and music is my passion. I love going to concerts, but love having a concert at home, too. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to writing a review. This turntable is fantastic and I can’t say enough great things about it. When I broke the stylus off my Thoren TD309 turntable - third time - I decided enough was enough and I called Audio Advisor for a new one. Sales guy Kaan helped me and he was terrific. He told me this turntable was designed by the wife of the owner of Pro-Ject Turntables and was an amazing deal. Now that I have it in my home I have to agree. The thing is like a piece of art in my home and sounds amazing. It’s much quieter than my Thorens and music has a solidity and accuracy of tone and detail that was somehow missing from my vinyl. The bass is deeper and tighter. My partner noticed and commented about that and she makes no claim to be an audio nut like me. I wish I could give this turntable ten stars but I’m limited to just five. Too bad, because it deserves more stars than that. Thanks to Kaan and all the staff at “Advisor because they were terrific to deal with.

- Pearson J, CO
Awesome Turntable!!!

I got this new EAT turntable based on the recommendation of a friend who knows the importer. I’ve been an audiophile for close to thirty years but have never owned a piece of equipment as nice as this one. If it were made by VPI or ClearAudio if would cost at least twice as much. It’s amazing and has breathed new life into my system - especially my vinyl. I find myself making trips into the city just to get new albums I can play on this machine. A couple of program notes... the table was super easy to set up. There’s nothing finicky like a spring suspension to mess with. I love the clamp that’s included. If it were made by VPI it would cost $250 - If by Linn well forget it! The tone arm also has amazing construction with a carbon fiber tube fitted with precision chrome metal parts on either end. Sold separately I’m sure it would cost $1500 or more. This package comes with a killer Ortofon cartridge. The table sounds dead-dead-dead quiet which lets the music emerge from a jet-black background in all its glory. I’m hearing micro-fine details on recordings that I never noticed before. LIke others have mentioned online the bass is the best I’ve heard in my system. I didn’t know vinyl could sound like this. OK, I’ll stop now. It’s awesome!

- Chuck D, NY

This change was truly startling. The cliche that 'it's like hearing once familiar recordings as if for the first time' applies. On the Beatles' White Album reissue sounds vastly different and I have a new appreciation for Paul and John's work. Many of the sonic changes can be attributed to the superb Ortofon Quintet Blue cartridge, however, the total lack of LP noise, the music emerging from a totally black and silent background must be the result of GREAT turntable engineering. Plus, the thing just looks AMAZING on top of my rack - especially the tonearm which, alone, is worth the price of admission. GOOD - No VERY GOOD STUFF.

- Vassar D, IN
Very Happy with my purchase

This is a tremendous turntable that is manufactured in the same factory in the Czech Republic as Pro-Ject. It is also a tremendous value, with a highly regarded tonearm and a Ortofon phono cartridge that retails for $525 on its own. Set-up was simple, the machine is elegant and ruggedly built, it's just a really great package at an amazing price. In my opinion this turntable is on par with several $3,000 machines made by VPI and slugs at the level of the Rega RP8 owned by a friend. It's that good. I've gained experience with turntables over the last year and am very happy to say that I will not be seeking to upgrade from this turntable.

- Philip E, NJ
Its Awesome

I've owned this TT for almost a year now, and its awesome. Extremely well made, excellent sound quality, looks very cool. The included cartridge is fantastic. You will be hard-pressed to find a better deal that sounds better than this, and it outperforms many turntables costing 2-3 times as much. This table is actually made in the same factory that makes the high-end Pro-ject turntables, which are some of the best high end turntables values in the world. I think if it were made somewhere else the price would double or triple.

- Ray E, NC