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Amazing Sound. Very happy

These sound simply wonderful with every type of music I've put through them - small-scale jazz and vocals to large-scale orchestra and band. Solo piano sound amazing. To me their best feature is the quality of the bass. Bass quantity is suprisingly good for this sized speaker, but sound is tight and musical. Amazing. It bests my former towers which were five times the size and price.

- H.H.T., VA
Sound Fantastic

These really sound great. I originally bought them to use as rear channels in my surround system but they sounded better than my front channels so I decided to swap them. They sound fantastic on music and movies. When my neighbors aren't around I can crank them up to unbeleivable levels.

- Simon PIke, TN

I think the price-value ratio on these is outstanding. Better than my KEFs. Great for casual listening or when I want to rock out. Andrew Jones is a genius!

- Lane S, IL
Great Speakers For The Money

Previously owned Yamaha and Bose Acoustimass speakers but neither had the frequency response of these Elacs. Highs are much more brilliant and the bass goes deeper yet is tighter. Great for the money.

- Christoph E, ME
Well Done!

Its hard for me to describe the sound quality I'm getting with these speakers from my vintage Pioneer receiver and Technics SL1200 turntable. The sound is so compelling its just begging for you to give them more juice. Detailed highs, superb vocals, and generous full bass make these a budget audio nuts' dream speaker. Warm acoustics fill my moderate-sized room with no need for additional speakers or channels. Well done, ELAC!

- Rupert W, TX
Get Off The Fence

If you are on the fence between this pair and another pair of speaker - get these! I bought Klipsch towers a few years ago on sale and havent considered paying full price for another pair of speakers until I heard these at a friends house. I happily paid full price for these and like them better than my Klipsch even though they were 1/3 the size and 1/3 the price.

- Sandy B, OR
Best Speakers!

Amazing sound. They give me musical depth and great soundstage and everything else. Best speakers for the price. Period!

Adrian P
Don't Hesitate!

Great speaker for the price. Mids, highs and lows are all excellent. Can't be beat for the price. Get'm!

- Cramer A, DE
Most pleased

Big sound from a small package. Five stars for performance and value! Matching with my Marantz receiver and replacing 20-year-old Polk speakers. Tried them in my bookcase, but they didn't sound right so I moved them out into the room on speaker stands. Much better sound! Have them in a smallish - 800 sq ft room - and they don't require a subwoofer. Most pleased.

Jeffrey Goldman
Not Bad. Keeping Them Anyway.

Using with a ten-year old Denon receiver and compared to my $1,200 Canton speakers the Elac's fall short for me. I know the price comparison is a bit unfair, but after all I've read about these I though I should do my own comparison. These sound pretty good, but not up to the level of my Cantons. I may keep them anyway to put in my basement system.

- Bronson T, ND
Unbelievably good speakers

It's tempting to say these speakers are good for the price, but that's misleading. I have mine sitting on top of a pair of Klipschorns, currently $6,000 a piece on Amazon, and I can't tell which I like better, the B6s or the Klipschorns. It's really amazing how good these B6s are.

- John B, NH