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Best Headphones - Ever

Best headphones I have ever heard. The quality of construction and sonic clarity is amazing. No headphone I've heard can compare. Thrilled with this purchase and I'm sure they are gonna last long enough to pass on to the next generation.

- Marv G, MT
Buy A Pair!

This headphone sounds more natural, has better dynamics and is more comfortable than my Stax 009 driven by the Stax SRMTII. Stax were my former favorite 'phones because of their transparency but they are not as harmonically accurate as the Utopia which is unmatched IMO in its detailed and realistic presentation. Utopia lets me listen deeper into the recording session. I notice things like overlapping bass lines. Vibrato is clear due to vanishingly low levels of IM distortion. Using with Pass Labs HPA-1, Oppo HA-1 and Woo WA5 LE killer - by the way. Buy a pair - you will not be disappointed.

- John JT, NM
Better Than My HD800s

These bested my long time reference Sennheiser HD800s in every critical parameter! More transparent. More musically involving. Base-line delineation is second to none. I am in heaven.

- Warren H, NV
Compared, But Prefer Utopias

Recently had the chance to compare my Utopias to a friend's Elears and was surprised how similar the two sounded. The main differences we both noticed was the remarkable transparency of Utopia. Elears have good transparency, but they are not to the degree of the Utopia. Fine details - like the space around instruments - were missing. Another diff was in harmonic richness. Utopia is so musically involving it pulls you into the music making you want to listen longer and longer. I liked the Elears, but not willing to give up what I'm hearing from my Utopias.

Stephen Chase
Awesome 'Phones!

I listen to mainly classical music and Utopias are the first headphone I've heard to truly outclass the Senneheiser HD800 and even Stax SR-009s on classical. Better on jazz and classic rock, too. They convincingly reproduce my fav instrument - the sax - better than any 'phone I've ever heard.

- Pete M, MD
Not An Easy Choice, But So Glad I Did It

Not an easy purchase for me. This is way more money than I thought I'd ever have to pay for any type of audio gear - let alone headphones. listened to these at my local Can-Jam festival and was absolutely blown away. All the 'phones I had in my collection sounded dull by comparison. Started selling my old 'phones on eBay and, after a month, came up with enough scratch to get me half-way there and took the plunge. Now I'm so happy I did it. After eight months, Utopia's are so musically satisfying I think I'll keep them for many, many years. Don't listen to these or you will be hooked.

- Roger W, CO
Exceeds My Expectations

I rarely find a product that exceeds my expectations but these offer superb clarity and build quality. I find them very comfortable for long hours of sonic rapture. This headphone is truly deserving of the high price of entry and I believe that longer term it will be considered a bargain at this price.

- Jonathan Paul, AL
A Dream Come True

What others are saying about this headphone is absolutely TRUE. Simply amazing sound. Run, don't walk to find your credit card and buy them NOW. Nothing you will find can satisfy tho this degree. They are cheaper than the sonic bliss they deliver. Perfect balance, clarity and all the sound you dreamt to hear are there. My only problem - not a complaint - is that now I must listen to all my music again to really hear it for the first time.

DDS Robert
The Sound Is Simply Amazing

Some friends have been giving me nonsense about the price. Yes, they are expensive, but then all the great audiophile gear is insanely expensive. Compared with other headphones the Utopia has the most revolutionary audio technology. Its a mini speaker inside a headphone. The sound is simply amazing. They sound far better than my Sennheiser HD800s in every parameter. To get comparable sound from a pair of full-size loudspeakers you would have to pay $30+K. Yes, that's how good the Utopias are. These are the end game IMO.

- J.R.L., TX