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I Can't Imagine Anyone Being Dissastified

I purchased this 7703 recently at the sale price and I couldn't be happier with the sound quality. I'm running 8.2.2 at the moment - that is two subs, two front heights, two wide, one rear center--along with the usual - and every time I sit down in my theater I'm blown away by the sound quality both in movies and in pure two-channel music playback. I'm hearing outstanding imaging and dynamics. Its like an authentic, realistic image down to the smallest details. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the sound or construction quality of this Marantz.

- C.H.P., CA
Love it!

Love my new Marantz AV7703! This unit is very clean sounding and no issues with pairing my iPhone to it for streaming Spotify. This is the best sounding processor i've ever heard. When my wife said our home theater sounds nicer than the movie theater, I knew i made the right choice. Setup was a breeze using the on screen menus. I have two SVS subs paired with MartinLogan 60s for my mains and Martin Logan Motion XT50 for my center channel. Now our biggest challenge is limiting our kids PS4 playing time because the system can literally shake the house every time a grenade is thrown.

Andy H
Five Stars - Plus!

This unit replaces a Pioneer Elite receiver which lacked the latest HT bells and whistles. My first impressions is WOW! The ease of setup and Audessy calibration alone are reason enough to get this unit. The soundstage is phenomenal and easily blows away my Pioneer. I am using a pair of MartinLogan 60XT towers and the punch from the mids is something I haven't heard before thanks to the Marantz's great processing and Audessy. To be able to calibrate my subs separately is also a huge plus for me! This being my first Marantz product has made a huge first impression and will definitely consider them with my future needs! Audio Advisor has also been great to deal with. They offer fast shipping and expert advise on setup - not that I needed it, but at least it's there.

- Mario S, FL
OMG Great

Beautiful natural life like sound and overall amazing performance. Produces excellent sound and build-quality is second to none. One of the most beautiful looking processors out there and the remote is the best -honestly. Very balanced sound with especially clear mid range. Using these to power a 5.1 ELAC Uni-Fi setup and I feel it brings the best out of these speakers. The features set is OMG great. Highly recommended.

- Leonard D, PA
Easier and Better Than I Was Expecting

This unit is awesome! I was expecting the setup process to be overly complicated, but I was pleasantly surprised that the setup was intuitive even for a casual home user like myself.. The 7703 literally connected itself to my home WiFi via my iPhone. I have never had such an easy time of connecting a device; there was no manual entry of pass-codes or b.s. Speaker set up with the supplied microphone was less than 30 minutes and the sound quality, amazing! Haven't tried Dolby-Atmos yet. The real kicker is - you have to see this thing on 4K video - unbelievable images. Like nothing you're ever seen in your home before!

- Hector N, FL
Love It

Two weeks after purchasing and we have been so pleased with this unit. The setup was super simple and quick and the pre has wonderful sound, and flexibility. It can accommodate anything we throw at it and it truly is the best piece of kit out there for the money when it comes to sound and the full feature set. We used the included Audyssey room correction software for room tuning and it was amazingly good. I also love the way this looks too, it is sleek and not overstated; build quality seems very good to me. Both the remote and the control app work very well for us.

- Masters P, GA
Amazing Value

Hooked up my pre-processor for one week. Just getting started. There is nothing like the 4K matching up to my 4K smart TV. This unit is more than expected. I have a natural concert hall in my home - or alternately an impressive movie theater. I bounce between both. Music streaming with the app is superb - worth the price of admission, alone.

- Pierce, C.C., TX
Sorry I Can Only Give Five Stars!

I replaced a much loved Onkyo home theater receiver with the Marantz to gain additional HDMI switching, more mutli-room capability, better music streaming and Dolby Atmos surround capability. The Marantz has not been a disappointment in any of these areas. It has performed brilliantly and, much to my suprised, sounds far better than the Onkyo. There isnt enough space here to go into all the great features and capability of this Marantz processor so let me be brief. Set up was interesting and fun - and not all the difficult. The Marantz has taken my home theater sound to an entirely new level of movie theater perfection - plus it now controls the sound in other rooms AND seemlessly streams all my low-res and high-res music files with superb fidelity. What's not to love here?

- Trent Billings, CA
The Best Deal. Period.

This has to be the best deal in high end A/V processors. I upgrade from the Marantz 7005 and the new 7703 offers stunning sonic and visual quality by comparison. 4K UHD movies are stunningly clear and with Atmos speakers, the 7703 puts you in the movie. Do not hesitate - run and order it now!

- Marshall T.M., GA
Great Processor

Great Processor! Replaced an Onkyo processor with this one, and what a difference! The overused phrase " lifted a veil off the music" actually happened! The music is so much clearer an "real", compared to the Onkyo. And this unit still has 7.1 analog ins, the only company that still has them Necessasary for conecting my legacy Quadriphonic sources also handy for Oppo Bluray analog outs.. Down side is It just BARELY has enough inputs, remote leaves a lot to be desired, and "Dolby Surround Upmix" is nowhere near as good as Dolby Prologic IIx at creating discreet surround upmixes.

- John R, IL