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Works Great. I Found The Set Up Easy

A high-end, high-quality audio/video processor that performs extremely well as you would expect for this price. A lot of thought went into the user experience for this model because it was very easy to set up and configure in my system. Although it has a ton of features the manual was straight forward, easy to follow and answered all my questions. I also appreciated my conversation with 'Advisor salesman, Kaan, who offered to help me with the set up. Turns out there was no need. Thanks anyway, Kaan.

- Larry S, NY
recommend to a friend

I did a lot of research and found this to be the best surround pre-amp in this price range and the most fully featured. I've been absolutely thrilled by the quality, functionality and especially the sound. It's not up to the level of my expensive two-channel set up but delivers thrilling sound. I have no complaints and would recommend to a friend.

- Tyler Wiliams, NJ
Amazed By The Sound

I was very satisfied with the performance of my Onkyo surround preamp that had almost every feature I could think of, however, I realized that 4K video was coming and decided to upgrade to this Marantz. HOLY COW what a difference! I'm not talking about the 4K picture quality which I have yet to experience but the sound. I was not expecting to hear this sudden improvement in audio quality during music playback with both my stereo and multi-channel ripped SACDs. Its in a totally different league from what I've experienced before. I think this is the ultimate preamp available under $10,000 - and it includes great video as an added bonus.

Buy Without Hesitation

The Marantz AV8802A is amazing. I never thought I'd listen to 2-channel stereo again until I got this machine. The sound has warmth but is not bright and has zero hardness. Soundstage is huge - big, open and airy. With just using the front main speakers the AV8802 fills the entire room with sound. From just two speakers my room sounds like a cathedral or concert hall - depends on the recording. I was expecting a slight improvement, but was wrong. Well worth the money spent. Buy without hesitation.

- Kim Lee, CA