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Product Reviews
Five Stars

Good sound and excellent video. Using the 6011 in a 5.1 speaker configuration and the setup was as easy as any high end receiver, even comes with labels for the speaker wires. I love that you can rename the input display so that it is more meaningful - Blu-ray instead of the generic label HDMI 2. My favorite feature is the uncluttered display. So many receivers have so many icons they light up the room. Lots of inputs for whatever devices you have. Hook up everything that just press a button to switch, couldn't be any easier. Five Stars

- Stevie R, ME
BIG Step Up

This was a BIG step up from my older Marantz 5600 receiver. Sound is more musical and more dynamic. Picture quality is significantly better - especially on 4K. Good Product!

Mark O'Reilly
Working beautifully for me.

Delivery was quick. Set up was pretty easy - much easier than my last receiver. Marantz really seems to have that end figured out. Sound is way better than my old unit and video is just fantastic! Using in a 5.1 system but now thinking of updating to a 7.1 system. Should be fast and easy with this unit. Thank to 'Advisor salesman Kaan for recommending this product. Its working beautifully for me.

- Phil R, NM
Good Choice!

Excellent! replaced my older Marantz unit with this. Easy set-up with the Audyssey tool. System menus are detailed and intuitive. TV pass through is convenient and keeps things simple for daily TV viewing. The audio is outstanding with my B&W speakers & Velodyne sub. Bluetooth interface works flawlessly. Everything you would expect from Marantz.

- Michael B, CA
Very High Quality. No issues.

Very high quality receiver. Loads of power in all my channels for my 7.2 speakers. The sound is cleaner and far more enveloping than my last receiver. Video quality is excellent. Amazing images with 4K programming on the DirecTV! Everything working great. No complaints.

- Carl j, MO
The One To Get!

I bought a Denon 3300 from another store but returned it after a few weeks. This Marantz is so much better its not even funny. Light years ahead in sound quality - just natural and full. Bass is tremendous with my MartinLogan 1000 subwoofer. Back to the sound - just amazing on both movies and downloaded music files. This is the one to get!

- Johnny D, OH