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Best Single Analog Upgrade

This machine that gets all the years of grit, grease and general grime out of my valuable LPs. I have cleaned around one hundred records so far, it is very easy to use, childs play in fact. The sonic improvement this machine makes to my records is quite frankly huge, even old LPs that are over forty years old sound amazing, well worth the investment if you are a serious vinyl enthusiast, or just want to keep you collection in tip top condition I highly recommended the Okki Nokki, so glad I got one, probably the single best upgrade I ever made to my analog setup.

- J.P. Hawke, ME
A Necessity If You're Serious About Listening to Vinyl

I have a large library of albums that need more help than my old discwasher was able to give. After trying the Okki Nokki all I can say now is WOW! My wife and I have been amazed at the difference a good cleaning makes. I don't see how you can get this kind of results without using a record vacuum and if you don't want to spend obscene amounts of money the Okki Nokki seems to be the best choice. Its really simple to use. Now I'm convinced that a record cleaning machine is a necessity if you're serious about listening to vinyl. Definitely worth it!

- Victor, DDS, WA
Dream Machine

For a collector with lots of vinyl this is the dream machine. Easy to use. Cleans LPs thoroughly in just a couple minutes. My records come out spotless and have never sounded this good! Buy it!

Dr Stephens
Love it!

Received this machine as a gift for my birthday. Best gift ever! Makes my LPs shiny clean and sounding brilliant. I'm buying used records now like crazy and cleaning each before listening so even forty-year-old LPs sound amazing. Love it!

- Timothy, MD, CO
Skeptical, but yes, now essential

I have been skeptical about spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum based cleaning machine for years. I have used Spin Clean, Discwasher, and my own home brew setup before that. I will also now admit, that a vacuum based cleaner matters - really matters. Your records will sound better, period. Not only will any noise caused by "dirt" be eliminated, you will actually hear significantly greater detail, to the point where many of my records sounded newer than when they first bought. This is not only a maintenance component, but also one that constitutes a significant equipment upgrade, not unlike spending serious money on a tonearm or fine cartridge.

- Carson T, MO
Love It

It is a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I love it. I use it on all of my vinyl -everytime I play a record. Totally satisfied with the results.

- Jennifer G, NH
Totally Satisfied

I've used the VPI 16.5 plenty of times at a friends house and was very interested in getting one for myself. After some general record cleaning machine searches I came across the Okki Nokki and started reading reviews and doing comparisons between the two. I liked the fact that the Okki Nokki had a reverse option which was something the VPI 16.5 did not and the fact that brand new it is roughly $200 dollars less than the VPI. So far I have been very impressed with how well this has been able to clean my records. I've tried both my home made and the Okki Nokki cleaning solutions, but actually prefer the Okki Nokki solution to my own. It's worth the extra cash. Overall I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

- Love my Vinyl, IL
Upgrade from the Nitty Gritty

This was an upgrade from the Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machine which finally gave up the ghost after almost a decade of use. I didn’t like the Nitty Gritty because it uses a capstan to rotate the records and that was a hassle to use. Since my records are from the 50’s up, there was no telling if the record would spin or slip in the capstan. The Okki Nokki does a super job cleaning the records, better than the Nitty Gritty, in my opinion. Also, no slippage problems. This was a fine purchase, and I am very happy with this machine. The vacuum is also a little bit quieter than the Nitty Gritty. BTW: Customer service is FABULIOUS!!!! I needed to send some back and forth e-mails regarding usage, and they answered very fast.

- Leeland H, NV
Best Cleaner for the Price

Best record cleaning machine on the market for the price. IMHO, this thing competes with the 4 figure machines.

- Lee R, IN
If You're Into Vinyl, Get One

The Okki Nokki is built like a Tank. This thing cleans records like you would not believe. Takes some practice at first. If your in to Vinyl, you need one of these.

- Jin S, RI
Superior Machine

I previously had a Nitty Gritty machine, but sold that and got this Okki Nokki cleaning machine. The Okki is a far superior and I am really happy with it. The main advantage is that you can clean the record with the brush for as long as you think is necessary. The table motor is very quiet. The two directional motor is nice as well…I always clean backwards then vacuum in the forward direction. The suction is good as well. Cleans in less time than my old NG machine and I suspect it cleans them better.

- J.R. Sansky, MA
How could I live without one...

Ive owned my Okki Nokki for about a week now. Its my first RCM and I must say, why did I wait so long?! I havent had any experience with RCMs and have been using the Spin Clean for sometime now. The Okki Nokki completely destroys my cleaning methods with the Spin Clean. I would usually have to take an album through the Spin Clean at least twice for me to be satisfied which took imo too much time. The drying process was always tedious and I was always concerned with what fluid remained in the grooves after I dried it. The Okki Nokki is very user friendly and simple. Place the album through the threaded spindle, clamp with the threaded clamp, pre-dust, spray, scrub, reverse the direction of the turntable, scrub, forward the direction, vacuum for about two rotations. This process takes about 2-5 minutes depending on how much I wanted the album to be cleaned. After about 20lps, drain the basin. Remove plug from back, tilt the Okki Nokki and the crud just drains out. I cleaned about 10-15 of my new LPs and got murky water with black specs floating about, with some fluff too. I was very surprised that my albums were that dirty, considering how well I take care of them. But that goes to show you how well this can clean your LPs. I decided to test some less cared for albums. I got out an album that had finger prints, smudges, specs in the groove and a generally dull finish. Put it through the Okki Nokki and now it has the sexy rainbow banding effect. Specs, smudges and all were removed. I decided to check just that LPs water which came out murky, a slight tinge of orange and specs and fluff all about the water. Its really improved the quality of my listening. I hear almost no surface noise with my albums, and the albums that had clicks and pops no longer have it to their severity. To mention, a lot of my older albums were not well cared for, and have never been previously cleaned. They were practically unlistenable before either going through this or my Spin Clean. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a collection or is thinking of starting a collection. I can go on and on about how the quality has improved on so many albums, but Id say get the machine and let it speak for itself. All in all, I think it was the best investment for my listening by far. I have no idea why I waited so long...

- Kevin D, OH