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Researching BlueRay players

This Oppo 203 came out on top as it is also a universal disc player. I sought to replace an older Marantz unit and found it to be a stunning improvement both in picture and sound quality. You have to hear your SACD and DVD Audio discs through this machine to believe your ears. Also my many DVDs took on new life with the built-in video enhancements. For example, I recently rented the 1970's BBC series "Pallisers', where each disc was prefaced with the apology for flaws in the transfer owing to the age of production. Have not noticed any reasons for such contrition.

- Rad B, NY
No Brainer

I have owned the Samsung, Pioneer and Xbox S 4K players and none of them come close. I own a Oppo bdp-93 and it performes better then any other Blu-Ray player I have owned so I am not surprised how good this one is. The video and sound where awesome. This purchase is a no brainer.

- Seth P, KS

Excellent device for audiophiles. This is a great player and does much more than the rest of the blu ray players.

- Adam R, DE
Wow! Worth Every Penny

I had a friend recommend one to me. These are definitely not inexpensive, but the picture on my UHD tv is amazing playing UHD DVDs. Blu-ray DVD's are up-converted and there is only a very small difference between those and playing native UHD dvds. Even standard DVDS look much better. The setup was very easy and took me maybe 10 minutes. As I said it is not inexpensive but, in my opinion worth every penny

- Steve H, IA
Another Oppo Wow

Another great product from OPPO. I think this is my 4th or 5th of their players. It's the best player I've owned and every bit as good as my old 103 player. As for 4K, the picture is much better on my LG 4K OLED TV than with my Philips 4K player - which still looked very good. The great thing about the OPPO is their remotes are awesome and they give you a ton of settings options; very versatile. I'm still going to keep my old OPPO 103 player for use in another system. The great thing about this 4K 203 player is the remote has 3 code settings so you can set this remote so it will only control this player and not other OPPO products near by. LOVE IT!

- James Candy, CT
Just Buy It

The 203 is just fantastic. I use it for everything. 4K movies, Blu-ray movies. I stream movies, I use it as a player connected to my stereo speakers. I stream music to it, it works through DLNA or SMB. It has EVERYTHING you could need. It's also super fast and super reliable. I have NOT had ONE problem with the OPPO. Not even one. I know some people have but that could be because of faulty cables, bad system or just not using it properly. Buy it. You won't regret it.

- J.B., LA
Unsurpassed Performance

IMO the OPPO video performance is unsurpassed. The more the technical reviews are published, the better this UHD player looks. I've used it myself with two different 4K tvs including a 65" LG OLED and am constantly impressed with the video image provided. Standard HD bluray discs and older DVDs are upscaled to a quality not seen previously. I'm a music buff -- anything from Pink Floyd to Beethoven plus -- and have worked over the years to develop a quality sound system. This OPPO is the best music transport source I have ever heard. That includes using CDs, SACDs as well as DVD and bluray audio. It also plays music files from my PC and network drives. The OPPO also immediately discovered our personal photos and videos of the past 15 years and brought them to new life.

- Richard T, MI
Better Than Ever

Fast. Responsive. Beautiful interface and player. My older DVDs and Blurays look even better than they did on my 103D. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I don't think you can do better for 4K or any other digital media than OPPO. Highly recommend this purchase.

- Anderson G, NC
Oppo UDP-203 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

Flawless playback, Universal disc support,Impressive 4k upscaling,Excellent audio,two HDMI outputs, good looking player,great build quality,Dloby Vision Support,i love my oppo.

- Jose m, CA