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Worth the Wait

Amazing! That's the first word coming out of my mind. A lot of money but totally worth it. Looking forward to get a new speaker because of this.

- Cam R, MI
Value of the century

Purchased the 205 to replace an Oppo BDP-103 in my 2ch system. I moved up from the "3" series to the "5" series for the advanced analog output stage in the UDP-205. In my 2ch system I only use the dedicated 2ch analog output and DAC for audio. I also have it hooked up via HDMI directly to my Sony 4K television. I occasionally use the television for watching shows and movies, but it's mostly for managing media. I have a SSD drive attached to one of the USB inputs on the back of the unit. I have ripped most of my CD collection to ALAC and I also have a lot of high-rez FLAC and DSD downloads from HDTracks. I also have several SACD's and Blu-Ray audio/concerts that I like to watch and listen to. I'm not ready to walk away from physical media just yet. The sonic improvement over the 103 is quite large and very pleasing. Better defined soundstage with better instrument separation and imaging. Vocals are more forward and clear, albums like "The Union" Elton John and Leon Russel 92/24 FLAC went from good to GREAT. The headphone section is MUCH better than my preamp headphone section. Much better control of my AKG Q701's with a more focused and balanced soundstage, I actually WANT to use my headphones again.Video is fantastic from the 205. Upscaled 1080p Blu-rays look outstanding with smoother transitions and a sharper image than the 103. The only UHD Blu-Ray I have for the moment is "Planet Earth II". The picture is OUTSTANDING, even on my "budget" Sony XBR-55X810C in my 2ch room.For the money, this is a powerhouse that just does A LOT right. It can managing media with a the ability to be a USB host for a mass storage device, physical media powerhouse with 4K UHD and HDR, headphone amp, standalone DAC and can function as a "preamp" if you want it to; the 205 is the value of the century with the sonics to match.

- FS, MD