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Happy customer

I have been running my Magneplaners 1.6 for years with a 35wpc tubed amp and very happy with that set up. I recently had to temporally replace the amp with my 10yr old 200wpc transistor receiver . I noticed that the bass was slightly improved -was it because of the power increase or the fact that the Yamaha had heavy feed back damping which modern amps don't or not listed in specs. One review mentioned how the Parasound improved the sound of his "Maggies" so I ordered the 2250. it did indeed improve their sound. Nice bass and clarity of sound. It runs only slightly warm and is dead silent. Highly recommend!

- Russell N, VA
Strongly Recommended

After taking delivery of new Totem loudspeakers friends told me I needed to update from my receiver. I tried a Emotiva XPA2 amp but then ordered this Parasound based on what I read online. I was actually very skeptical there would be a noticeable difference between the two. I didn't notice anything like 'noise' with the Emotiva, but the first thing I noticed with the Parasound was the silence. There was nothing added or behind the instruments, just silence. All instruments sounded distinct and separate from each other. Voices sounded very clear. I never heard anything like it in any of my previous audio set ups. It sounded more like a real concert than a music-player system. I'm very impressed by the Parasound and am keeping it. I would highly recommend you try it.

- C Vette, CA
Why No Respect

I think this amp is the 'Rodney Dangerfield' of high-end audio amps. You remember Rodney, the 'I can't get no respect' comedian? I have owned this amp for two years now and I'm surprised it doesnt get more coverage in the online audiophile forums like audiokarma, etc. because the amp rocks the house. I'm positive there's no high-end amp out there that delivers the power, detail, warmth and clarity of this beast. One reason might be that it is a beast. With 250 watts - 400 watts into my 2 ohm Maggies - the amp is big and beefy. It throws a HUGE soundstage, but it also sounds quiet and delicate on passages when its required. The more detailed the recording, the more fine details I hear in my system. The inner detail on my hi-res music files is amazing. I just love the sound and wish it got more respect.

- No Not Rodney, CO
Excellence At A Reasonable Price Point

Sound is better than using my Denon receiver. Dynamics are improved and bass has more definition. Using the 12v trigger from the Denon and it works like a charm. This amp works with speakers from 2-8 ohms switchable on the rear panel. Excellent offering for a reasonable price point.

- Daniel T.T., KS
Bests Receivers

Very powerful, crisp and detailed sound. Delivers dynamics and details even the best receivers can't dream of. Also, very quiet. Zero background noise detected.

Stan H
Great Amp

Using with Magenpan planar speakers and they sound awesome with this amp - much more controlled and articulate than with my Marantz receiver. Must be the high current output. Also, this amp runs warm, but never hot like my Marantz did on the maggies so I'm not worried about long-term reliability. Great amp.

Conrad Fleming
Best All-'rounder

Have owned this amp for a while now and it has stellar response from DC to the very top end. Runs cool so reliablity has not been any issue. Love the auto signal-sensing turn on feature and it does not shut down abruptly like the old amps did. Great with tower speakers - I own two pairs - and monitor-type speakers too. Best all 'round amp I've ever owned

- S.E.P., MI
More detailed

My older Harman Kardon amp sounds warmer, but the Parasound is more detailed and lively sounding. I went back a forth for a while but now I'm keeping the Parasound in the system

- Conner s, GA
Replaced My Denon Amp

Replaced a Denon amp with the Parasound on my Magnepans. Massive upgrade. Top to bottom my sound is better controlled. Now it sounds like the performance is in my room. I was thinking of replacing the Magnepans but not anymore.

- Damon F, NE
Fast with Great Clarity

A good amp IMO. Owned this amp for over two years and recently upgraded to the Parasound A21 on my Wilson speakers. The 2250 is an impressive amp with lightning fast reflexes. Goes from silent to LOUD with stunning speed an clarity. Sound is a touch on the warm side which I like. Solid and fast in the bass. The A21 is double the price and sounds even more effortless and a shade sweeter. I moved the 2250 over to my Ryan speakers in my second system.

- Johnny D, AL