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Fantastic Buy!

Purchased six months ago on sale and am using the P7 as a straight two-channel stereo preamp with either my McIntosh 275 tube amp or Bryston 3B solid state amp and the P7 sounds brilliant with either amp. I hear more detail, better bass definition with an expansive soundstage. Soundstage is wide and deep and the effect caused me to experiment with my speaker position Wilsons until I reached the point where the image locked. Now my room sounds like a major concert hall. My wife noticed and commented on the improvement. Best preamp I've heard under $2500. Heck is its better than anything under $4000.

- Andy P, KY
Outstanding Product

I love my Halo P7! Using with Oppo Blu-ray as my universal transport. P7 lets me enjoy CD, SACD and even Blu-ray discs in stereo and surround-sound. The bass management feature was great because I have a big Velodyne subwoofer, but a small room. To my ears, the P7 sounds worlds better than the Denon receiver it replaced.

- Greg A, GA
Great Analog Preamp

this is my first Parasound purchase and I have to say I am very impressed with the sound. Comparing with my Arcam AVR, I am detecting more details in the music. Everything sounds more real - 'you are there' sound. Bass is more solid. Highs are sweeter with no detectable brightness. The longer I listen, the more I like

- Peter G, MA
Thanks you Parasound

Thank you Parasound for ruining my life. When I replaced my Yamaha receiver with the Parsound P7 and their budget-priced 275 amp I though it was hearing things. Well I was. A piano here. Bass there. Voices in the background. Some even backstage. I got up to see if my B&W 601 speakers were connected right. They were oK. Nothing out of phase. Then it hit me. I was hearing things on the album I never knew were there. Amazing. Now I have to go back now and listen to my 1,200-odd recordings to rediscover the music I've been missing for all these years. Thanks a lot, Parasound, for ruining my life.

- T.M., AL
Great product and great support

I purchased a P7 around when it was first introduced in 2008. Last year the front panel standby/power-on switch went flaky - sometimes it would work, most times not. I contacted Parasound and they fixed it for free. That is great product support.

- Ken H, NC
Nice Versatile Pre-Amplifier

This per-amplifier fits my HT/stereo step-up perfectly. It sounds great and has good bass management features for subwoofer integration. It also has a good phono section, cleaner than my $130 stand -alone phono preamp. Due to all the audio in's, I highly recommend using RCA noise stoppers for all the inputs not used. They made a nice difference in my setup. AA staff was great to work with and a big help.

- Son N, TX
Just what I wanted

This preamp is just right for me since my blu ray player has full decoding and speaker management capabilities. I wanted a high quality multi-ch preamp, and thats just what the P7 is. Nice fit and finish and excellent sound. The Audio Advisor folks were very helpful.

- Jim D, MI