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Best by far

Owned three months -- and ... they are balanced and neutral amazingly transparent. Every detail of the mids highs and lows are clear and spot on. As a musician I can confirm perfectly reproduce the sound of every instrument. I own MartinLogan, Infinity and older PSBs and these are the best, by far.

- K.T., TX

Replaced older PSB Synchrony One speakers with these. Huge upgrade in sound, plus my wife loves the beautiful cherry wood finish. T3s have a bigger presence - soundstage - and have a more 'live' feel like I am at the concert or jazz hall. Tonal balance is spot on and the music just flows. Bass is superb with just the right weight and depth. They simply disappear in my room. Heavenly!

- Russel T, AL
Most Satisfying Speaker

Using with NAD M2 direct-drive amp and NAD M50 digital player and the T3s sound wonderful. Straight out of the boxes they sounded very sweet. Over more time more and more details emerged and the bass has improved from tight & congested to deeper and natural. After three weeks of daily use they have achieved perfect balance from the lowest organ notes to the shimmer of bells in the cathedral. The most satisfying speaker I have ever owned.

H.H. Rogers
Totally in love

Totally in love my new T3 speakers. Its like live music right in front of me. They have an amazng wide soundstage with deep immersive sound. I keep listening for hours on end.

- Christopher W, MI
So Pleased ...

The T3 does so many things right it can easily challenge speakers over $10K! Bass is tight, deep and tuneful. Midrange is beautiful and natural. Huge soundstage with the utmost precision in the left, right and back extremes. Treble is highly detailed but never bright. I've compared these with B&W 802w, Totem, Wilsons and Vandersteens and beleive they are the highest performers in this price class. So please I bought this pair!

- Mike H, WV