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Love 'M

I just love these headphones. Love them. There's no doubt they headphones SOUND better than the Beats and Bose headphone also own. Give them a try.

- Mulder L, MI
Five Stars

These are fantastic-sounding headphones. Just the right amount of treble, mid, and bass. I listen to a lot of remastered live music in both FLAC and MP3 format, and I truly feel like I'm sitting in the 10th row center listening to the band playing in front of me. Every stroke of the hi-hat and pluck of the guitar string is audible. They look better than the Sony and Audiotechnica 'phones I've also owned. Recomended.

- Killian P, AL
Neutral, Accurate for Pure Listening

I ran these under multiple genre including Classic Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop and Audible both on standard streaming and loss-less through Tidal. Compared to my Vmoda 100s and Blue MoFi headphones these are more neutral and sonically accurate. The vocals come out clear and crisp, the highs are near perfect for a closed back headphones, and the bass was accurately reproduced. Overall a nice clean set of headphones and one of the best pure listening experiences out of the headphones I have tested.

- Parker K, CA
Worth the Price

Good value. Excellent design. High quality construction. Well worth the price paid.

- Kevin M, NC
Buy Without Hesitation

Fantastic headphones. They are great for all genres of music. These are the real deal if you can afford them. I would highly recommend to any audiophile. These headphones have a crisp, clean, balanced sound. They are not bass thumpers, so if you think Beats are a legitimate headphone with great sound, you will not like these, but you will also hear what music should sound like.

- Christoph M, MD
Best Headphones - Ever

Incredible sound. I have a large head, and they are still comfortable after extended time periods wearing them. Best headphones I have very owned.

- Frank S, NM
Best Headphones I've Tried

These are really great headphones, very accurate, great at high volume, very detailed, but not cold sounding either. Very high quality construction, comfortable, even with my fat head and thick eyeglasses. Listening with an iPhone 6 plus on a commuter train, FYI. I have tried many many over the ear headphones, these are by far the best for my use case.

- Matt D.H., IL
Great Service

Great sound! I found these to be quite comfortable, and don't have any issues using them off and on all day at work in an open office environment. Good service from Audio Advisor, too. I dropped these a couple of times and they broke. Audio Advisor arranged for them to be repaired at no cost. Great service!

- Justin Campbell, PA
Five Stars

Owned two months now. These cans received good reviews from the experts I thought I would give them try. I am not disappointed. Good, clear sound and comfortable even after listening for hours. Five Stars.

- Whiley J., AK
A Very Nice Gift - To Myself

After thinking about it for several months, I finally bought a pair for birthday gift to myself. Kind of an expensive gift for me, but turns out they are well worth it. I realized there were so many details that I've never known before in those songs I've been always listening to! I'm very satisfied with the sound quality. Noise reduction is great - they block out most of the noises around me I don't want to hear.

- Ken E, WI

I did a lengthy comparison between these and B&W p5 and IMO these were hands down the better headphone. These offered more clarity compared to the P5 and the bass sounded more right . I also found these to be more comfortable and have a better noise reduction than the P5. Keepers!

- Required Field, NJ