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Removes ground hum

I replaced Cardas with this 14xl for a Passlabs x150 power amp for two reasons, one the removable ground plug is wonderful so I don’t have to use $1 cheater plug on my thousands dollars stereo, the second is the deathgrip that stays in place securely. The sound is no better than the Cardas it replaced, but no worse in my ears, maybe a bit more neutral. Cardas appears to be richer at low end. This works very well with Kimber Kable Silver Streak interconnect and 8tc speaker cables connecting Passlabs X2.5 preamp and B&W 805D speakers. Highly recommend, bought it on sale, great value.

Top Notch

Clearly top notch in every way. Amazing construction for the price. Puts other 'High-end' power cables to shame. Hear a clear and unquestioned sonic improvement over another high-end audio cable brand I won't mention.

- Jason L, IA
Wow Upgrade

Using with the Emotiva A-100 Amp and Wow! power cables do make a difference. Because its a thicker cable I thought I would have to break it in forever etc to notice a difference but my partner, myself and even my son immediately noticed an inky blackness to the background and an improvement in clarity to the sound. Fantastic!

- Angelo M, PA
Very good for digital gear

I was very impressed with the solid metal-clad ac connectors. To test it I swapped my wireworld stratus 7 ac cable with this pangea xl on my samsung 4D TV and noticed an improvement in color tone purity and sharper detail.The wireworld stratus 7 is no slouch in these areas and it costs several times the Pangea's price at it's price. The only drawback is its heavier and I had to move things around on the back of my rack to accomodate this - but I'm not saying this to discourage anyone from buying it because it's performance is amazing.

- Scott A, BC
Shocked by this Power Cable

Last year I upgraded by system with a new Parasound P5 preamp which - BTW is a really great sounding preamp. There's a lot going on in this preamp - from the built-in DAC to a very good MM/MC phono stage. The power cable in the box with the P5 is heavy and seems to be good quality but I decided to try the Pangea cable upgrade anyway. The 14XL construction is amazing. The connectors at both ends have metal covers. It just oozes quality. I heard a immediate no kidding around improvement. The P5 sounds quieter and the music textures are more vivid. Instruments are more 3D - more present in my room. I could go on but suffice it so say it was a bigger upgrade than I was expecting.

- Lawrence P, VT
A Winner

This is the first Pangea cable I've tried. After reading all the great onlin reviews I decided to give it a try. The cable made a big improvement in the sound of my Berkeley Alpha DAC. Shocking actually. No pun intended.

- Sal D, CA
Off the charts good

Before my purchase I was feeling my system wasn'd sounding as good as it could be. Some recordings were not very clear and the bass was a disappointment. After installing the Pangea 'clean, deep, full and amazing depth' is the best way to describe my system now. For the less than $200 I spent I found this was an incredible steal.

- Casey N, NJ
Praise for XL MkII

I didn't think the AC-14XL could get any better. Then I evaluated the new AC-14XL Mk II cable and it was an education. My music sounds smoother and more natural. Female vocals especially just blow away, like on "Mixed Signals" where Lori Williams and her daughter break into scat singing at the end. The realism is astonishing now.

- LR, MD
Good Bye To My Stock Cables

I replaced the stock power cord that came with my British integrated amp and used the Pangea XL MkII instead. Whoa, what an upgrade. I feel like I cleaned some cobwebs out of a pretty good amp.

- Tremaine S, FL
Not Broken In Yet But Still Really Good

It must be the Cardas copper. I'm doing A/B comparison between the AC-14XL and the new Mk II version, and, after some break-in, the Mk II just sounds better than the original...and I don't think its broken in yet.

- Christy Z, IN
Bought On A Recommendation

A friend told me I should upgrade my Pangea AC-14SE power cables to the new AC14XL because, apparently, besides their rugged construction they have more Cardas copper in them than my 14SE. I'm not sure what they improved but what I noticed right away was a reduction in my system's background noise level. They must be blocking some interference or something because now my Sony HAPZ1ES sounds both quieter and smoother. The change has affected my listening habits. I'm listening to less rock and more jazz artists like Dianne Krall, Diane Schurr, and Nora Jones. They sound like they are right in the room. Good upgrade

- PK A, OK
My review

Dude! Not every review has to be so serious. My review: Got the cable. Plugged it in. Yeah, I like what I heard. A lot. Fini.

- Fini D, CA
Warmer, Richer Sound

My music is very important to me. I was upset when I saw ‘Advisor was discontinuing the AC-14XL power cord. That cable made such a big improvement in my Woo WA5 headphone amp that I’ve been recommending it to my friends. Then I saw they had upgraded the 14XL to a new version with Cardas copper and I ordered one right away. The new cable is better than the old one. I hear warmer, richer sound on every recording. I’m putting my old 14XL on my Shiit Ragnorok amp to make that sound better.

- Julio M, DC
Just Got These - Wow!

I was looking for an upgrade for my Aurender music server and Berkeley DAC. When I saw these new cables with Cardas copper I ordered two. I don't own any Cardas cables yet, but I've always heard great things about them. I received the 14XL Mkii cables in two days and plugged them in. Wow! Soundstage is deeper and wider. My music sounds somehow smoother. Bass goes deeper, too. Great no fuss improvement.

- Boris F, MD