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Best Value Power Cord - Period

The AC-9s are essential for amplifiers, but they made every component that I have sound better. These are the best power cords that I have ever tried and I've tried a few over the years. BTW a friend is using this cable on his tube preamp and swears its a major upgrade. I have yet to try that one on my pre.

- Theodore P, NJ

Profoundly robust! The manufacturing quality as amazing for the price. I've seen $1000 power cables that weren't as well made.

- Hopper, NE
Huge Bargain

This cable is a huge bargain. I was shocked when I opened the box and found the cable to be about 7\8 of an inch thick. Excellent quality at a bargain price. Using it for my surge protector and it really improved the sound of my system.

- Robertson, MI
Best Upgrade Ever

Probably the best upgrade to my audio system on a dollar for dollar basis. I was shocked at the immediate improvement. I was skeptical that power cables had this impact. BTW- I just added the ac 14 for my dac.

- Lin M, NJ
Perfect Match

I use it with my Velodyne DD subwoofer. Now sounds better than ever. A perfect match.

- Kwong K, CA
Best Power Cord Ever

The AC-9s are essential for amplifiers, but make every component that I have sound better. These are the best power cords that I have ever tried.

- Bronson J, TX
Can't Beat It

Great power cord at decent price. Sound greatly improved with clarity and detail not heard from stock cord. Highly recommended!

- A-Guru, KS

Excellent workmanship and high grade component parts make this cable a fantastic value. I am very pleased with my purchase. The cable blocks enough EMF and RF from re-entering into my unit that I can perceive much quieter backgrounds in my music.

- Hopper 6, MD
Quality isn't a good enough word to describe it!

This cable is as thick as a garden hose and makes the stock power cable for my Soundcraft Halo 22 look wimpy to say the least. My amp is definitely getting the power it requires now for sure. A beast of a cable no doubt!

Ridiculously Good

This is actually a double review. I first tried the Pangea AC-9 power cable on my MartinLogan Descent subwoofer. The improvement was immediate and shocking. Suddenly I had bone-crushing bass. I went back and forth between my old cable and the AC-9 and the difference was ridiculous. Now for the second part of my review. I noticed on one of the online forums that some guys were recommended the heavy duty AC-9 cable for their DACs, preamps, etc. So I tried it on my CAT tube preamp and guess what? It sounded better. I bought another AC-9. I could go on here, but recommend you try this test yourself. I bet you'll be surprised.

- Les E, CA
Second Review

I've had the AC 9 for about 6 months and I thought I'd do a follow up review. First off, I like it better now than when I first bought it! It's actually one of the best upgrades I believe you can make. You want to know how good? Just for the heck of it, I took it out and replaced with another broken in power cord from another well known and expensive cable company. The effect was immediate. No comparison. The music was flat and lifeless. Within 15 minutes, the Pangea was back. The only way it gets changed again is if I replace with the Pagea SE MK II. Thanks again.

- Tom T, IL
Better Than I Imagined

I replaced a very well known cable. So I expected, at best, a lateral move. The Pangea was a huge improvement in every area for one third the price. The typical A+ customer service from Audio Advisor was the icing. Highly recommended.

- Tom T, IL
Exellent upgrade

I use this power cord on my NAD 326ee integrated amp. Also use the Pangea Audio AC 9SE MKII Signature Power Cable on my Classe CA 400 amp, Pangea Audio AC 14SE Signature Power Cable on classe CP 45 preamp with thiel 3.6 speakers and the results are improved across the board. Also use Pangea Audio AC 14 XL C7 Power Cable w/ C7 Connector on bluesound node with good results. These cables are one of the best bang for buck I have ran into. Less background noised, improved transparency/ treble clarity/ bass response; the list goes on. Highly recommended and a bargain at these prices.

- Keith W, MD
Rich sound, laid back but a little too muddy/muffled

I like the overall tonality of this cable. It is rich and full-bodied. But it is far from neutral. On video sources, it puts extra body and heft to sound effects. For example, a paper sack being crumpled up or a door closing, it makes those inanimate objects sound bigger, thicker and larger than life. Further, this cable is definitely laid back in character. Most detrimentally, it is a little muddy in the mid range. I hear this most as muffling dialog on video sources such as DirecTV and blu-ray discs, making actors sound like they are mumbling. These observations are made listening to this cable powering a Krell integrated amp and in direct comparison to a Cardas Golden power cord, which it temporarily replaced. Yes, Im going right back to the Cardas. For the money, this power cord is impressive - the Cardas costs about 4 times as much. However, I would only recommend this power cord for components which are lean and forward sounding, as they might benefit from its rich, laid back character. But even on a Krell, it goes too far in that direction for long term satisfaction.

- David R, CO
Skeptical No More

Swapped the 14SE on the Furman Elite 15 to a meter of this. Wow. Bigger difference than I ever imagined, instantly. ....should have done this first. Cable is flexible but firm. Pangea and AA rule!

Rob R
Space saving, RF rejecting upgrade

I started looking at these cables because a friend had recommended them to me. I have a pair of 300wpc stereo amps, so the 7awg thickness of the cable caught my eye. The construction and quality of materials intrigued me even further. I appreciate that these cables are shielded so well. In my set up, with numerous components and more cables to make a large Italian family spaghetti dinner with, being able to choose my lengths is an important feature. It didnt just stop with the AC-9, I was able to clean up the back of my set up using Pangea cables for my amps, AVR and players using power, interconnects and HDMI cables of various lengths and strengths. All are shielded with quality materials! The back of my set up has gone from a spaghetti dinner to a clean display! Thanks Pangea!

- Geoffrey L, WA
The AC9 is my reference power cord.

The AC9 has dramatically improved anything that I have used it on especially power amps, but even sources. I highly recommend trying these. I have not heard the SE version. The AC14 is worse than stock on everything that I tried it on. I have tried both models on 2 different systems with similar results. The improvements from the AC9s 7 gauge are amazing.

- Brian S, CA
Choked Amp no more!

I am running a B&K ST 1400, with a HiFi-Tuning Ceramic $80 fuse, Maestro outlet $90, but using a Monster Proline 100 $20 maybe. Thought about upgrading, and looking for a new Amp. After choosing to go with the AC 9 MKll, its as if I now have a new amp. No restrictions, free flowing, crisp and clean, and running cooler. Looks like the B&K is gonna stay.