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Spikes & Hardwood Floors - 8M Threads

For those who do not want to use spikes on hardwood floors it may be of interest that the spike treads are 8M. With that information you can now order feet from Herbie's Audio Lab or other source. Great stands. We are having them powder coated in Piano Black!

- Christopher R, NC
No way I'm sending these back.

After initially ordering these stands I changed my mind, feeling that the stands I already own were good enough, and that I could use the money I paid for these stands on something else. I contacted A.A. about returning them, spoke to a person - Beth? - who I remember talking to regarding purchases a few times before - I've pretty much bought my whole system from A.A. - and just like each other instance she was very helpful and patient, and she arranged to have the stands returned. Done deal right? When the stands arrived the box was HEAVY! Hmmm. Out of curiosity I opened the box to see what they looked like, and was instantly hooked on them. They looked/seemed just like what I felt a good stand should be. Thick, heavy, well build stands, plain and simple. My immediate thought after visually seeing them was "No way I'm sending these back." Putting them together was a breeze, and these babies have to hold almost seventy pounds of sand total, between the two. I set the speakers on them, measured of the room/listening seat dimensions, and then sat down to listen. For about a good ten minutes I thought, "Well, not much difference from my old stands. From about minute eleven on I heard a much more solid presentation than with the old stands, with increased bass weight, increased dynamics, and because it was easy to position these speakers accurately, what appears to be a more defined soundstage too, although I'm sure the increased solidity of sound also had something to do with that. Wow. All that AND a bag of chips! In conclusion, I'd like A.A. and its customers to know, THESE STANDS ARE KEEPERS!

- Larry C, MD
Pangea Audio DS400 Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

Excellent!!!!! Had to modify top plate 6" x 8-1/2" by anchoring a 9" x 12" x 1/2" plate to it.. Needed for B&W 805 D3 speakers that had 9-1/8" 6mm mounting holes. Very sturdy sand filled. Highly recommended!

- Rich P, IN
Makes My Speakers Sound Great

These Pangea DS400 stands are well made and really solid. Comparable to Target stand at a lesser price. I filled mine with 25 lbs of steel shots for increased stability and it also improved the already great sound of my ATC SCM11 speakers, bass presence is tighter and sound stage little wider. No vibration at all even when playing loud music.

- C.T.P., KY
Look Great and Work Great - Too

My stands arrived at my door in only two days - and I live in Maryland. Packaging was excellent. Assembly Instructions were top notch and quality of the stands is great. They look terrific in my living room. Very pleased. I can truthfully say my speakers never sounded this good before. I filled them with a home-brew combination of steel shot and kitty litter. I also use blu-tac to mate the speakers to the tops.

- Kagan, MD
Speakers Sound Great

Overall they made a big difference in bass response for the Audience speakers after filling them with steel shot. They now must way 45lbs each and my speaker's bass never sounded this good. Who needs a subwoofer? Not me. Anyway the neighbors would probably complain. Overall they look good to me with the flat finish. Most of all they sound great.

- Mike M, WA

Much heavier and better than I expected. Recommended.

- T.M., MN
Top Notch Stand

I got these stands for my new SVS Prime bookshelf speakers and they are quite impressive. They arrived packaged as well as any product that I have purchased in years. The fit and finish is flawless. All screws and their associated fixing points are high quality with no issues of things not being lined up, or screwing together. The stands are very heavy on their own and come with adjustable floor spikes that you can use for leveling. I do recommend leveling your speakers - it makes a difference in their sound! Top notch product that will last forever.

- Blaze G, AZ

The 28" Pangea DS400 speaker stands are amazing. Solidified the low end of my Paradigm Studio/20s like I can't believe. I have not filled them with steel shot yet but it's clear that they have delivered on the promise of rigidity. Mass is king w/r/t damping, and these are some killer stands, delivered 60+ lbs! on time at a great price.

- Don S, CA
Very Happy

I'm very happy with the way these look and feel. Each stand took 20lbs of fill which was easy to dump into the large openings during assembly. The DS400 stands provide a stable, firm foundation for the speakers. My only nit pick is that 1 of the 8 threaded holes for the spikes on the bottom was a bit rough and I had to use a tool to start threading the spike into the hole. A great product nonetheless.

- Jose D, NV

Solid stands. Work with my Dali speakers and create a solid foundation for great sound.

- Tops K, BC

These stands are INCREDIBLE! I have been an audio geek since back in the 70's and have never owned a speaker stand of any kind. Recently however I have replaced my old speakers 35 year old Bose 601's that are STILL awesome, with a 7.2.4 Klipch setup. I bought 4 sets of these for my side and rear surround speakers. I was blown away by these stands. They are EXTREMELY well built, very heavy and aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the difference in speaker performance is nothing less than spectacular! The lost sound waves are absorbed by the heavy gauge steel and transfers the energy that would be lost without a stand to the floor where these really shine and now I can actually FEEL the energy being put out. They come with carpet spikes, I don't use them as I have wooden floors, and you can also fill the hollow pillars with either sand or steel shot, I did this for two stands and the feeling is even better, except now the stands are pretty much where they will stay because these stands are heavy-duty to begin with but with the addition of sand or steel balls they become almost immovable. Bottom line, I am now a firm believer in these stands, yes they are on the high side of the wallet but well worth it. Two Thumbs up!

- Mike, TN
Perfect Stand for KEF

Solid construction, perfect for my KEF R300. Used individual bags came with the packaging to fill sand and placed inside the columns.

- Sergie R, NJ
Super quality speaker stands at a nice price

Super quality speaker stands at a nice price. Assembly was easy and everything fit together perfectly. Really heavy and stable stands which is what you want. Here's a tip for easier assembly: put all the bolts in and keep them loose before you tighten them then tighten them down. Makes it easier to fit all the pieces together.

- Mike L, IN
Super beefy!

Needed a heavy, sturdy stand for my Power Sound Audio MT-110'S. These fit the bill perfectly! Would recommend!

- Justin G, KY

Solid stands, work with my DALI Zensor 3's and create a solid foundation for great sound.

Not Kidding About Rock Solid

They're not kidding about this stand being rock solid. It feels like a single, solid piece after the quick assembly, and I can't imagine better speaker support. I like that the rectangular columns can be filled with damping material, but I love this stand just like it is.

- CR, NM
Thrilled With These Stands

I debated for quite a while whether to upgrade my old Target speaker stands. I just had the feeling they weren't up to the performance level of my new Monitor Audio Silver speakers. Well, I finally took the plunge and I'm glad I did. These stands are heavy and solidly build. Now I'm sure I'm getting every ounce of performance out or my splendid monitor speakers.

- Theodore Ted H, DE
Low price, high performance

I had been using a pair of sand-filled Target? 30" metal stands with one large post with my KEF LS50's. The 30" stands brought the center-tweeter to ear level, but they were fairly beamy at that height. The LS50's owner manual specifies 18"-24" stands, so I decided to take a chance on the affordable 24" Pangea Audio DS400 stands sold by Audio Advisor. The stands arrived yesterday, so I assembled them and filled them about 80% with playground sand. Having four beams vs. one beam gives them quite bit more heft vs. my older stands. Overall, I am impressed by the quality; the only negative that I can say is the lower base plate rings, so I plan to line the underside with some Dynamat. Listening to the LS50's with the tweeters 6" lower than my ears and slightly toed in has smoothed things out nicely, taking off the slight metallic edge and adding some warmth. The added heft of the new stands seems to be providing a more, uh, solid presentation, with great slam.

- Glenn S, MA