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Excellent quality. Good construction and perfect picture with my new 4kTV on both Blu-ray and satellite TV broadcasts. Connectors fit well and don't fall out. You could pay more, but why?

- Dr. Hill, CA
Yes, Get These Cables

Good quality cables, I didn't think it would make a great difference to the picture quality from the standard HDMI cables but was surprised how the clarity of the picture improved on a UHD TV would recommend if you have a UHD 4K TV get these cables.

- Ray Williams, NM
Excellent cable

This is an excellent video cable. Using with my new Oppo 203 and the image quality is completely amazing. 4K material is out of this world - good.

- Johnny B.G., MO
Spend a little more and get a good one

I don't think people realize what a difference a high quality cable can make to their viewing experience. If you're using the hdmi that came with your tv or blu-ray you are missing a vital 10% of the information. Spend the extra and get at least a mid-range HDMI cable like this one.

- Hutchinson A, ME
Very good

Very good cable. I'm getting a sharper picture. For the money I don't think this one can be beat.

- Mark Steven, OH
Safe bet for the best

Pangea cables are a safe bet for the best in any cable. This one came well packaged, arrived on time and works just great. The connectors seem to lock onto my directv receiver and visio tv better than my old cables.

- M.T., OR

As usual and excellent quality product from an outstanding supplier. A really high quality product.

- Craig L, BC
Good Feel, good fit, great pictures

This cable has the feeling of good quality and is thicker than the usual hdmi cable from brands like Monster Cable, Best Buy, etc. TV images are fantastic, especially on ultra HD material.

- Ben C, AZ
Bigger Difference Than I Was Expecting

This cable is very well made. The gold connectors impressed. Made a lot of difference and I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen the results myself. Using between my DirectV receiver and Sony Bravia TV.

- Hank K, OH

Great cable. Gorgeous picture. You can buy less expensive cables, but I don't they can compete with the quality of this one. Perfect!

- Michael P, FL
Perfect Upgrade

This cable is the perfect upgrade for my Blu-ray. Yes, you can see the difference

- Kim Rogers, MI
Good Find

I wasn't thinking about upgrading my HDMI cable but when I got the email about this new Pangea model made with Swiss accuracy I though I'd give it a shot. I have a collection of Swiss watches and have always been impressed with their precision. I also own several other Pangea cables. I have always found them to be excellent quality and a few made big improvements in my system. I swapped out the $40 AudioQuest cable with this $30 cable on my Oppo player and yes there was a noticeable picture improvement but the sonic improvement was way more evident. Dialog is crisper, clearer and treble, well, that was the biggest improvement of all. Good find!

- Jeffrey Y, TN