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What is does, it does exceptionally well

This is in combination with other well designed interconnects from a different company, and these are the changes I noticed when inserting the Pangea interconnects. Denser, more solid, three dimensional, full bodied images occupying a generous soundscape. Images are expansive when appropriate, and intimate when appropriate. There is detail, but you won't notice it as "detail" because it folds nicely into the tapestry of sound laid out before you. It's a lot like looking at something lit with a lightbulb that possesses a softer glow rather than a stark blue/white hue to it. You know what I mean. Both will show you what you need to see, but I prefer a softer glow. Does not possess blazingly fast leading transients, and it won't be accused of sounding "bright", but does possess an inner glow that draws you into the sound, and is not dull sounding. Kind of like a campfire draws you in to mesmerize, relax, and calm your mind. I also have all Pangea AC SE MKii power cables so maybe I'm lucky enough to have great synergy. YMMV. Try for yourself, make up your own mind, and return if it's not for you.

- Simon C, IA
Excellent Cables, Affordably Priced

I bought these after two conversations with Joe at Audio Advisor. Bless him, he endured the same questions both times. I had bought a Pro-Ject 1Xpression Carbon Classic and immediately switched out the stock interconnects for a pair of Audioquest Evergreen Cables that I had bought from Audio Advisor a while back. Big improvement, but I thought I could do better. After talking to Joe, I ordered these. Even bigger improvement. More space, openness, detail, front to back soundstage, black backgrounds...you name it. I was very pleasantly surprised at his price. I would recommend these highly.

- Joseph T, PA
Function, Form and Affordability!

As these cables are pretty new on the market, Im trying them out for the first time. I ordered the .06 and 1. meter interconnects. What Im using them with; Integra DTR-70.4, Emotiva XPA-2 300wpc amp and Emotiva ERC-3 CD player. Lets keep in mind that no cable of any kind will improve a signal, but its job is to protect the signal from any degradation. In addition to the components listed, I have two more power amps, a BRP, an XBox and a Wii, a power conditioner and lastly, a cable box. Lots of electronics, lots of cables. Oh yeah, lets not forget the flat panel which also connects to the AVR just as everything above does. Three very important features drew my attention to the Pangea Audio Premier Interconnect; quality copper, using Cardas grade copper, special triple shielding, and a very affordable low cost. Im using these cables in a two channel set up, just for the record, my AVR, amps, BRP and now CD player all use Pangea power cords as well, and the sound with Pangea cables????? Outstanding!!!!!! I have always loved music, so my set up is very important to me. Sure, I have a budget, but that doesnt mean I have to compromise my sound. I am very happy with these Pangea cables, my music is clear, detailed and very fun to listen to! Highly recommended!!

- Geoffrey L, WA
Excellent Value, Excellent Sound

I picked these up a couple of months ago after I bought a Project Xperience Carbon Classic turntable. I immediately switched out the stock interconnects for a pair of Audio Quest Evergreen interconnects. Immediate improvement, and for the dough a good value, but I thought something better might be in order, so I got these. I was very impressed with how much detail, space, depth these brought to the sound of this very good turntable. I recommend these interconnects highly.

- Joseph T, PA
Affordable, but Audiophile Performance??

The Pangea interconnects are inexpensive, nice looking. About the performance…… I used the interconnects after more than one hundred hours’ break-in in different setups in two different houses. Connected between CD player and integrated amp, between DAC and integrated amp. The integrated amplifiers were all tube amp, prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars; the DACs priced from four hundred dollars to almost three thousand dollars; speakers pricing ranging from four hundred dollars to more than three thousand dollars. My perception: Sound from the Pangea interconnects is dull, dark, not analytical, not musical, lacking in upper-end sparkle and overall detail. I compared the Pangea interconnects with a pair of 20plus-year old DIY interconnects with silver-plated multi-cored wires costing about $20, and a pair of 20plus-year old brand-name interconnects original price around $60, and another brand-name interconnects costing more than $100.

- Arthur L, NY
Highly recommended

Another big thumbs up for these Pangea interconnects! I wanted to experiment with one .6m set before committing to them so I put a pair in the most critical place in my system: between my Pro-Ject 2Xperience Classic turntable w/Sumiko Blue Point No 2 MC phono cartridge and my Vincent PHO-8 phono pre-amp where I previously had a run of budget king Blue Jean Tartan installed. The improvements in detail and bass response were noticeable immediately. After replacing all of my removable power cables with Pangea products and even moving my entire system from a Plateau rack to a vastly superior Pangea rack over the past two years, I am now convinced there is nothing Pangea CANNOT do to bring quality accessories and audible upgrades to ANY system for near-pocket change prices. I plan to rewire my entire system with these wonderful inexpensive interconnects before Pangea realizes their mistake and raises the prices on them! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Kirk K, KS
Highly Rated

The .6 meter run of this is an excellent interconnect to go between an step-up-transformer and phono stage, when using a moving coil phono cart. The Pangea is more resolving than the AudioQuest Evergreens I had been using, providing substantially deeper and much more detailed bass. It sounds very alive now! I had to pretty much dime the volume on my vintage Tube amp to hear any hum, so you know it's well-shielded. I unscrewed one of the plugs to have a look inside, and the solder connections are very cleanly and securely done, and there are quality materials inside. You'd probably have to pay north of $150 to buy comparable name brand interconnects. Very highly rated!

- Beach B, FL
Affordable Audiophile Performance

These cables have great detail, imaging, separation, and airiness. You would have to spend a good sum more money or move up to solid silver conductors to have a worthwhile gain in performance. For my money these serve quite well. Im using 2 sets to feed signal from my NAD 523 cd player -- Musical Fidelity tube buffer -- Marantz 7007 AVR. Speakers are Focal bird & dual cub subwoofers. Sounds Fantastic !!!

- Mark T, CO
Best Pangea Yet

This is my third Pangea cable and the biggest improvement I've heard so far in my system.

- Ian B, KS
Wonderful, w/burn in

Sounded bland when first hooked up, after 24 hr burn in - Fabulous!! I'm connecting iPods to a tube amp, Kimber Cables to English Bookshelf Loudspeakers. This combo produces the "sound" I'm after. Sweet, no sibilance, beautiful midrange.

- Dr J S, NJ
Decent interconnect - refined but bland

I wanted to like this interconnect more than I did as I think Pangeas power cords are pretty good for the money. But they have taken their house sound too far with this entry-level interconnect. It is pleasant in tonality and nothing ever offends. Nor does any program material impress. Sonically, it is laid back and relaxed to a fault. It lacks involvement and impact and tends to muffle details. It is rolled off on top, lacking sparkle and life. And it is light in the bass. There is some deep bass, but it is weak. Further, it somehow bleaches out tonal colors, making most everything sound rather homogeneous and bland. These observations are made in direct comparison to the similarly priced Straight Wire Encore mini-RCA stereo interconnect. Going back to my Straight Wire, I was amazed at how much I had been missing with the Pangea! This Pangea might benefit a component which is very bright and forward. But in my system, it takes too much life out of the sound.

David R

Excellent quality and sound. More than I wanted to pay for cables, but turns out they are worth it.

- Steve B, OK
Astounding level of improvement over expensive brands

My wife and I are simply amazed that this product outperforms our two former sets of rather expensive audiophile cables. With just a few dozen hours of break-in, they are revealing space and definition without any sort of unnatural brightness, associated with many other cables weve utilized over the years. The true test is when were not listening for improvements and all of a sudden were astonished by extra beauty in a recording. This is through a very famous and revealing speaker system. Weve always been unsure about various cables, until now. If theres better out there, we dont care. This product just sounds right. Really right!!! Weve found out the hard way, when something is this good, quit experimenting:- We use their power cords too. Note to A-A.......Do not post until you replace the automatically-deleted hyphens from each were and weve

- William L, PA
Sound natural

I bought these cables to interconnect my Project Debut Carbon turntable to my phono preamp and from it to my amp. I ended buying a third pair to connect my DAC-Streamer to my amp. Why? As soon as I hooked up these cables the sound was clearly more natural in the midrange and bass. Treble is clear with no harshness and loads of detail. Why only four stars? Although a good value compared with other high-end cables, I just wish they were a little cheaper.

- Doug R, MN
Instantaneous Improvement

These made an instantaneous difference in my audio system. I would never have believed that a cable could improve the soundstage so much and make me feel even closer to the music that was already so tangible. Everything improved with these cables. If you have a good audio system, you need these cables.

- Melissa A, DE
Happy with the sound

These interconnects worked perfectly for my turntable. I purchased 2 sets one for turntable to preamp and another for preamp to Marantz home theater system. I am happy with the sound.

- Rich B, NM
The improvement is obvious

Silly me, I was connecting a $3000 analog frontend to a $6000 pre/amp/speaker with a $5 cable from Amazon, because I didn't believe cables matter. The difference this cable made was immediately evident. More details were present, and dynamics were fuller. This was the most striking difference I've experienced with a cable upgrade.

- Paul A, NY