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Another great find

Another great find from Pangea. Using between my DAC and preamp. Replaced a good cable - Audioquest King Kobra. These are more neutral sounding and more revealing. And dead - I mean dead - quiet. Order without hesitation.

- Edward W, CA
Amazing cables

These are amazing cables. I own a $1000 pair of cables on my main system and these come too close for comfort in sonic fidelity. This is a fantastic buy. I've owned many, many pairs in the last 30 years and these are at the top. It is important to have them running 25 hours at first to get them into their proper mojo. It's worth the wait. Way to go, Pangea! High-end Audio components for the working class. Bravo!

- Pete S, CO
Bigger Difference Than I was expecting

Compared with Emotiva and Monster Cable M Series these Pangea cables make a bigger improvement than I was expecting. All these cables sound a little bright out of the box but the Pangeas smoothed out after two hours of playing and became balanced, detailed and gorgeous.

- Fen, IN
Clear and Honest

Sounds great. Impressive connectors. I hear more clarity, more information in the highs - like the drumstick strike on cymbals has a more distinct woody sound. The other thing I hear is a balance between the lows and lower mids that brought more coherence into everything. The low register instruments sound fuller without being bloated. Mids and highs are balanced, neutral and honest. I hope this helps.

- Edmond P, PA
REplaced AQ Diamondback

I recently upgraded to a new Parasound P5 preamp. Great amp! I was thinking my Audioquest Diamondback cables might not be up to snuff. I was ready to spend $250 on new cables but the sales guy suggested I give these Pangea XLR cables a go. It not too often a sales guy tells me to spend less money. Love these cables. The sound is smoother, more even and more 3D than the Diamondback. I get more detail in the low register and that surprised me.

- Lt Carson, AP
Good Sounding / Flexible

This cable is nice and highly flexible with way over-the-top chrome-platted connectors. Sounds better than my older MIT cables.

- Patrick k, CA
Get These

I didnt realize how much noise unbalanced cables were adding to the music until I tried Pangea True Balanced cables. It was like cleaning a dirty window. The pure music suddenly shines through. If you have AV gear that uses XLRs, do yourself a favor and get these.

- Sultan F, WA
Pay A Little. Get A LOT

Pay a little, get a ridiculaous amount of improvement. These cables are the real deal, and if you have an XLR connection that you havent used, use it and be glad you have it. I'm hearing details I never heard before. Movies and soundtracks seem to have more punch. Thanks, Pangea for another good deal.

- Teddy, NC
System Sounds Way Better

My cables were getting old so I decided to get new ones with my new Parasound preamp. Both this preamp and amp have balanced XLR-type outlets so I decided to get those kind of cable. Most of that XLR type are very expensive. I thought the Pangea were very affordable. They are very great cables. The connections are amazing. My system sounds way, way better than before.

- Hopkins G, WY
Great Sound and Bargain

I am running the Pangea Balanced XLRs and am highly satisfied with them. I am using them to interconnect my DAC and power amp - first cables that have successfully made that viable. I have tried several other more costly cables that I returned...this cable is a KEEPER. It has great dynamics, depth, and clarity.

- Donald Baker, NC
Extraordinary Value

Given the prices of quality XLR cables, I've found the Pangea's to be more than worth the cost, providing an excellent addition to my McIntosh system. To begin with, the black chrome connectors are beautiful and very well made. Moreover, while silver offers excellent conductivity, oxidation can be an issue as I've experienced. I prefer the gold pins provided by Pangea. Finally, the inclusion of Cardas Grade 1 Ultra copper offers the performance benefits of much more expensive cables at a better price. As a result, all my XLR connectors are now Pangea.

- David P, CA