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Yes, Good Stuff

I’m not sure what the designer has figured out but in my system these cables sound dramatically better than the old big-name XLR cables I was using. The other cables sounded dull by comparison. These are crystal clear and very dynamic. Good stuff.

- Eduarado G, NM
Take Your Audiophile Gear to the Hilt

If your audiophile components have balanced connections and you aren't using them, you are cheating yourself of the highest level of performance that your gear is capable of delivering. I can say something similar about balanced cables, which is that to take advantage of the performance upgrade, you are cheating yourself if you don't buy a quality interconnect like this Pangea Premier SE. It doesn't cost much for what you get and the advantages are significant. Take that step and enjoy your audiophile gear to the hilt, even more than you do already.

- Cruz R, CA
Crazy Good Quality

No one offers a cable this good for the price except Pangea. But I've come to expect it from them. I'm getting spoiled.

Penny C
More Detail and Bigger Soundstage

Solid upgrade. Replaced the older Nordost cable between my Audio Alchemy DDP1 DAC and my Parasound JC2 with these. It was a major performance upgrade. I'm detecting loads more detail and finesse on familiar recordings. More air at the top, too. The JC2 is a soundstage champ and these cables open things up even more. Good upgrade. Sorry I waited so long to replace the old cables.

- Just Sal, FL
Nice Cables

Own a lot of expensive audio gear but just can't bring myself to spend a lot on audio cables even though friends tell me I should. When I saw these cables were made with Cardas copper I decided to try them. They were cheaper than I was expecting to pay for Cardas quality. I think the cable quality is very good for this price. I think they sound good, too. They are quieter and seem to have more deeply controlled bass than my old cables. Perhaps the midrange is warmer, too. Let you know in a week or so. Using between my Ayre preamp and McIntosh 275 power amp. Nice cables. Try them.

- J.J. P, CA
Another Great FInd

I recently replaced my preamp with the Parasound P5 - fantastic amp, BTW - and decided to upgrade my cables, too. I was a cable skeptic until I heard my first good pair of cables a few years ago. The difference was shockingly good and I've been a convert ever since. Current cables were AudioQuest Diamondback which I bought on clearance. Good cables, but they are obviously not in the same league as these Premier SE cables. Out of the box the construction quality alone convinced me. The XLR connectors are very impressive. After 48-hour break in I am happy to report these cables sound amazing. I'm picking up more details in both the live rock concerts - U2, Steely Dan, Aerosmith, Adele - and the more intimate jazz ensembles - Coltrane, Miles, Charlie Hunter, Esperanza. Bass is more solid in tone, speed and clarity. Another great product from Audio Advisor - Thank you. P.S. Saleman Tim has been helping me.

Just Charlie
Sound is More Relaxed

I just replaced the older AudioQuest King Cobra interconnects between my Parasound Z-DAC and Parasound P5 preamp with these and couldn't be happier. They are well made cables - the best I've every owned - with high precision connectors. With the Premier SE in the system my Ryan Acoustic towers have a wider and deeper soundstage and the system's background noise level is reduced which lets the music flow more cleanly and clearly. My overall impression is that the system sounds more relaxed and, coincidentally so am I. I'm listening longer and deeper into recordings. Good product. I think I'll try the Pangea power cords next.

- Robert B, NJ
Balanced and Solid...

I had been using some expensive excellent litz interconnects for years. No unbalanced interconnect could ever match them. Until, now... I got the Pangea SE XlR balanced cables and am not going to be looking back. Best I ever heard my system sounding.

- Gene Z, GA
Major Performance Upgrade

Don't expect a modest upgrade from the cable you're using now. Expect a big upgrade with these Pangea Signature Edition interconnects, and you won't be disappointed. You'll be as thrilled as I am by the extra performance I'm suddenly hearing from my high-end home system

Melvin Wilson
Great Cable

I've been holding back on using an XLR connection between my amp and preamp because I couldnt find what I wanted at an affordable price. Boy am I happy I waited for the Premier SE balanced cable! The best was to put it is that there's more of everything now. Everything good and musical that the artist and producer intended us to hear is there now with super realism. Very captivating! Great Cable!

- Nicholas, UT