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My old USB cable was holding my system back...

This cable replaced a Pangea USB AG cable, which is a great USB cable. Better than any other product I'd heard. Until now. I would not have believed a $100 tweak would make such a difference! The sound stage has opened up tremendously. The low end is audibly cleaner and better defined. There's a reason all of these reviewers are raving about this product!

- Wil W, VA
Great Audiophile Cable!

I purchased this cable to run between my Melco N1 A/2 server and my Bryston BDA-3 DAC. I wanted to see if it would give me an improvement in sound over the all silver Pangea USB-AG. I was at first skeptical, having to pay a higher price to replace solid silver wiring with silver plated copper, even if it was Cardas Copper! Unfortunately, my Melco N1 A/2 - Bryston BDA-3 combination would not respond remotely as a renderer to my UPnP application unless I hooked up both the signal and power leads to the Melco N1 A/2. But even with both leads hooked up, the sound was so much better on certain recordings that I began hearing short comings and what sounded like digital artifacts when I re-inserted my trusted Pangea USB-Ag cable in the circuit. The sound with the Premier XL is more detailed, more of a feeling that the musicians are in my listening room. The music seemed more natural, as if the digital jitter that obscures subtle details and cues was greatly reduced. And I feel more compelled to sit and listen to the music, even recordings that I'd listened to in the past and didn't enjoy. The sound is possibly slightly better when I omit the power lead of the Premier XL, but it requires me to manually operate the Melco with it's front panel buttons. In summary, a great audiophile cable, at a bargain price!

- Randy T, CA
Sounds like real music

I hear a new richness to the sound. It sounds like real music, not coloration. The XL has become an essential element in my system. I really like it.

- GZ, DE
New hope...

This Pangea Audio Premier XL USB cable made me realize something. That there is a greater potential for USB than I ever realized. Because this cable made such an improvement? That I am now seriously looking into investing in another tweak. Getting one of the better USB isolator devices. For, if this cable alone can make this much of an improvement? It tells me how limited my USB expectations have been.

- Gene Z, GA
Stunning Achievement

I hear more layers of detail than I've detected before. Even my 16-bit recordings sound smoother and sweeter. This is my third Pangea product. Each one seems better than the last. How does Pangea do it?

- Arnold P, NH
I was skeptical, but ...

When I read the cable designer, Jay Victor, saying this cable was as good as anything up to $400, I was naturally quite skeptical. I ordered one just to check it out. I replaced a very good $200 USB cable from another brand usually abbreviated as AQ and settled in for a listen. It was as if someone had flipped a swtich to let the music flow. Everything sounded more vibrant and more alive. Mozart, Marley, Miles, Morrissy all sounded dramatically more real - more present. I was very, very surprised by this cable. I suspect the designer is under rating this cable. Full disclosure: I'm listening to it through Parasound ZDACv2 which is only a $550 DAC but sounds like $1,000.

Definitely a Keeper!

I'd never seen a 'two-wire' version of a USB cable, but when you think about it, it just makes sense from a noise-reduction point of view to separate the power and signal conductor cables in cases where you are looking for the ultimate performance from a DAC. I tried the new Pangea Premier XL, figuring I could always send it back if I didn't like it. But this baby is definitely a keeper! My DAC sounds so much more spacious now, just bigger all around, is the only way to say it. Nice going, Pangea!

- Rich P, FL
Highly recommended

When I write a product review I think of how I would describe my experience to a friend. Here goes. I ordered this cable on Sunday and it was waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday. The cable is well constructed with gold connectors and a tough sheathing over the conductors cable. This cable is different from all other USB cables I've used. The USB B end has one connector, then the cable divides into two cables with USB A ends. One is marked 'POWER' and the other "SIGNAL". I connected the cable between my Audio Alchemy DDP1 DAC and Auralic music streamer. I connected only the cable marked SIGNAL because I don't use the DAC to power the streamer and I try to follow the 'less is more' philosophy. It was immediately apparent a big change had occurred in the sound. A certain level of back ground-type noise - maybe digital artifact noise? - had vanished. My THIEL speakers sounded more alive. Images were more 3D. There is a warmth in the mid-band that I just love. LIke others have mentioned I can make out individual instruments all the way to the back of an orchestra. Over the past week I noticed other things. I notice more of what's going on in live recordings. I hear papers rustling in the orchestra. People coughing and moving around in their seats. I heard these sounds before but I couldn't make out exactly what they were. Now I can clearly make them out. This cable is Highly Recommended!

- Alfredo G, CO

This USB cable transformed my system. I wasn’t expecting an increase in resolution of detail like I hear with this cable. Images have more focus. The treble is pristine. I hear better localization of bass instruments in the orchestra. A bigger difference than I was expecting.

- Buzz H, MN
Suprised is an understatement

I have spent a while building up my medium / high end headphone system, had really liked the Ifi Gemini cable and thought it was really good. I just switched the Pangea cable out for this and right out of the box.... WOW! Everything is more coherent and the sound separation and detail is definitely a step up! The sound stage is also better. Not sure how they did it but I am impressed and I have not even broken the cable in yet!

- Kevin K, FL
Closer To The Music

I replaced a two-year old Audioquest cable with this new XL USB cable and it really improved the sound of my Bryston DAC. It brings me closer to the music.

- Jason Y, LA
Can't figure this cable out, but I like it

I honestly can't figure out what this cable is doing to my system, but I like it. I keep going back and forth between a very expensive Transparent USB cable borrowed from a friend and this Premier XL. The Transparent cable is very good, but with the Premier XL my soundstage seems more locked into focus. It makes me listen longer and longer. According to my salesman the cable should sound even better when its fully broken in.

- Aaron M, OK
A Winner

This is a highly detailed tightly focused cable. Very transparent. Another winner from Pangea. Using with a Berkeley DAC/Aurender N10 combo. Sounds like real music.

- Adam L, WI
Shocking Upgrade

I wasn't prepared for the upgrade I heard with this cable. I was expecting subtle improvements in image focus and localization, but what I heard was a soundstage a mile deep. The better the recording, the more depth and detail I hear. This was a bigger upgrade than putting a new $300 power cord on my Auralic Vega DAC.

- Buddy G, TN