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Everything I read about the quality of Pro-Ject turntable lived up to the hype. Great looking 'table which people are always commenting about. Incredible dynamics when compared to my older turntable. Records are much quieter, too, which lets the music emerge cleaner and clearer. I was a fan of vinly before, but the Esprit has really put it over the top for me. I'm buying lots and lots of used records - and cleaning them by the way with my Record Doctor LP cleaning machine. Very Happy!

- Vinyl Junkie!, CA
Buy It!

Listening for one week now and am extremely satisfied. My Audio Advisor sales guy - Kaan - offered to talk me through the set up and even gave me his cell phone number ! but there was no need. Set up took me only a few minutes and the Esprit has been performing perfectly ever since. Music never sounded better - clear, natural, and sweet. If you are considering this model - buy it! You will not regret it! Highly Recommended!

- Starman, OR
My records never sounded this good

My mother showed me a picture the other day with headphones on listening to records when I was five years old! After forty years of listening this is the best turntable I ahve owned - by far. I was considering more expensive models from VPI and Music Hall but this one caught my eye and the salesman Joe confirmed for me what a great value this one was. So glad I got it. My records never sounded this good. Set up was painless. My next purchase will be the Parasound Z-Phono-USB phono preamp so I can archive my growing vinyl collection. Recommended.

- Timothy R, IN
Fantastic for the Price

Fantastic turntable for the price. Sound is great with the stock cartridge. I just love the acrylic platter and the speed control switch it such a great idea - why don't most other belt-drive turntable makers do this?

- Francisco D, FL
Amazing for the price

This thing is amazing. Comes with a red ortofon which was satisfactory. I couldn't resist upgrading to blue which made my vinyls sound more lively. I considered more expensive brands but the upgrade puts in the same class as others that sell for twice the price without a good cartridge included

- Steven D, CO
Best I've Heard

Incredible sound. Best record player I've ever owned.

- Clarence W, OK
Thought my old turntable was pretty good. I was wrong

Replaced a vintage Technics SL-1600. I thought the Technics 'table was pretty good. I wasn't prepared for the big sound improvement with the ProJect, even though I used the same cartridge from the SL-1600. Love the 33/45 rpm speed control and the acrylic platter. Plus this Project model comes with a terrific Ortofon 2m Red cartridge. Highly recommended.

- Rhapsody B, MS

Excellent product. Highly recommended.

- Charles A, TN
Love it

I researched the best turntables for under $800 and I think Esprit is the best value at under $800. The tables plith is beautiful and the acrylic platter, tone-arm and Ortofon 2M cartridge make this a real budget audiophile grade record player. Well done!

- Peter P, MO
Buy with no hesitation

If you are considering buying this turntable purchase it with no hesitation. This turntable is beautiful to look at and amazing to listen to. Very easy to set up and comes with a highly recommended cartridge installed from the manufacturer. The speed control is a great feature and hard to find at this price point. It will be all you need for many years to come.

- Francis D, NY
Top Shelf

Before settling in for a listen I made some notes: very well packed, easy to set up, sounds great, no hum, no static issues, beautiful in appearance and sound! The extra cost over the Debut Carbon is a no brainer considering the cost of the upgrades far exceeds the cost difference between the two machines. My only complaint is that I'm not staying up far to late listening to my old LPs.

- David W, FL
Very Happy

I was looking for a good turntable that was easy to set up and chose the Esprit. I have a bunch of old LPs I have been dying to listen to. Received the 'table in just two days. Twenty minutes later I was listening to vinyl. This is a sweet sounding turntable made with high quality parts. Love the carbon fiber arm and acrylic platter. I think it sounds better than my Musical Fidelity VDAC set up. Only the highest resolution 24-bit files give it a run for the money. I bought the Esprit in red and it looks great on top of my rack.

- Chris V, UT
Beautiful Improvement

This turntable is awesome. I wasnt prepared for how much better LPs sound than CDs on my NAD player. I wasnt sure if I should get the regular Debut Carbon or the Carbon Espirit. A salesman - Tim - at Audio Advisor helped me decide on the Espirit. It has a better platter and electric 33-45 rpm speed control. I got the red one and it looks great.

- Irene T, MA