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Get While The Gettin Is Good

Listening to three weeks now and by my count over a hundred albums and I'm writing to say I'm thrilled with this turntable. The pictures online don't do justice to how impressive this turntable looks on my stand! No rave description can describe the sound I'm getting from the beast. Record noise is a thing of the past. Dynamics are stunning. Playing through my MartinLogan Theos electrostatics and the transparency is incredible. Thanks to salesman, Kaan, for explaining the details of this product to me. Kaan also explained this 'table was limited release and when they sell out no more will be made. That convinced me to act. Set up was easier than I was expecting and I didn't have to call Kaan even once with questions. Love the Black Bird cartridge. It's very sweet sounding a gives me gobs and gobs of detail. My advise is get one before its too late and they are gone. I got mine and I'm happy.

- Ron C, OH
Good Deal!

I was debating between the Pro-Ject RPM 9.1 and 10.1 turntable deals. My sales guy Joe pointed out the 10.1 package comes with the $649 magnetically-isolated Ground It isolation base and the $1249 Sumiko Black Bird MC phono cart for $1,899 in total bonuses.That convinced me to go with the 10.1 deal. The isolation bass appealed to me since I have a JL Fathom subwoofer and didn't want low frequencies affecting the LPs. Three weeks in now and I am very happy with the 'table.The vinyl surface noise seems like it dropped by 98% and dynamics are unreal. I'm hearing instruments I had no idea were present on the recordings. You can't appreciate the benefit of a dead quiet LP until you hear it for yourself. The Black Bird is a great cartridge and tracks everything in my collection. Good stuff. Thanks Joe.

Five Stars!

I read somewhere that the Pro-Ject engineers designed this turntable to be able to track the canon shots in Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture LP - if you take a look at the LP you can see the jaggedy lines. We'll they've done it because I tried my original Mercury Living Presence copy and - amazingly this table does! It tracks everything else in my 3,000-LP library I've tried and sounds absolutely FANTASTIC doing so. I just love the deal I got on this 'table. THank you Audio Advisor!

- Lowell P, IL

I am a vinyl junkie because this is the fourth turntable in my stable - including a Thorens TD 125, VPI Scout 1.1 and Clearaudio Concept. Although it costs a little more than its brothers the construction quality and look of the RPM 10.1 puts them all to shame. The massive base plinth, thick platter, and excellent 10cc carbon fiber tonearm look impressive. Appearence is one thing, but the sound is even better. My LPs sound incredibly clean and uncolored on the 10.1. Bass is just wonderful, not only tight and deep, but rich and full. Treble is airy and cymbal decay seems to go on forever .... Is it the best in every way? I think my VPI may have slightly warmer mids, but I'm not exactly sure because there's a different cartridge on that one. One day I may swap the cartridges, but for now ... I'm just enjoying the splendor of my RPM. Heavenly!

- P.M., NY

After trying to fix my ancient Linn LP12 one more time I ... went to the dark side and ordered the Pro-Ject 10.1! I was going through Linn-withdrawl-syndrome until the Pro-Ject 10.1 arrived - in a crate no less - and I quickly got over it. This turntable is a thing of absolutely beauty. No table I've owned can compare. I spent a good two hours on assembly but enjoyed every minute. It's breathtaking to behold on my HRS rack. The sound clarity is OMG good. I've never heard my Wilson's produce bass of this quality or character. I'm scratching my head try to think of which records I MUST listen to next.... ahhh .. Mozart? ... Ray Charles? .... Eagles? ... Cindy Lauper? It's all good and I'm very happy. Needless to say, recommended!

- Killingmesoftly, CA
Last Turntable I WIll Ever Buy

I've owned this deck for two years now and am very happy, overall. This is a great-value 'table with excellent build quality, great isolation, excellent speed accuracy and stability no matter the LP presented. The arm is highly adjustable and I've had good results with both high-end MM cartridges - Grado - and MCs - Kiseki, Ortofon, and Benz. I have found the sonic character just a shade on the warm side of neutral, but in general its highly neutral as it takes on the character of the cartridge being used. This is a heavy turntable and requires a sturdy rack. Don't think you can put it on the dinner room table with great results. Considering what you get in this package - massive turntable, great tonearm, excellent phono cartridge plus an isolation bass - this is a tremendous value for the money. Will it best the $10K or $20K turntable out there? Probably not, but for under $3K this is an absolutely screaming deal and definitively the last turntable I will ever need to buy. I hope this review helps someone in their decision process.

- Larry S.P., MA