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BIG Upgrade!

I moved up from the Rega Planar 3 six months ago but keeping the phono electronics the same - Vincent PHO-700 and Parasound Z-Phono-USB. The Planar 3 was working fine but I was ready for a change and my son was getting his first apartment so he got the Rega as an apartment-warming gift. The difference between the two tables was night and day with the 9.2 being absolutely silent by comparison. LP noise dropped to an unbeleivably low level and the silence between cuts also dropped. Clearly isolating the motor unit from the plinth delivers a major improvement. This makes the 'table just disappear leaving the music behind. The Sumiko EVO III phono cartridge is another big improvement. Information retrieval is superior to the Rega Exact and there is an overall smoother, richer sound. BIG Upgrade! I can Highly Recommended the 9.2 to anyone who loves vinyl!

- Hooper T, TN
Highly recommended

Owning the Pro-Ject 92 for three months now and love the tonearm-plinth adjustability, dead quiet separated motor, speed accuracy, sonic clarity, cool factor, and phono cartridge that go with this amazing deal. I strongly recommend the Ultimate Analog Test LP for getting the azimuth just right. Highly recommended.

- Jasper W, TX
Substantial Improvement

This package was a substantial improvement over the Pro-Ject RM 5.1 I used for a couple years - less background noise, zero LP static, less groove noise, completely silent motor - and damn cool looking besides. Using with the Lehman Black Cube SE phono pre and the sound is richer and more detailed than any 'table I've owned.

WIlson B
Very Happy

I upgraded from the Pro-Ject RPM-3 to this 9.2 because I wanted a heavier, more substantial turntable that would offer better isolation from my tower speakers and Velodyne subwoofer. The 9.2 is a substantial upgrade for me that not only offers better isolation from room vibrations but is sonically much quieter too. I get less vinyl LP noise. I also love the Sumiko Evo cartridge. It offers incredible detail yet is also warm and rich sounding. Very happy with this package!

- B.V.T., RI
You Can't Go Wrong Here

I was looking for a turntable in the $2500 price range but then discovered this 9.2 for considerably less and took the plunge. Unpacking was loads of fun and everything went together smoothly. There's nothing tweeky of finicky about the set up. The motor is in a completely separate housing keeping motor vibrations away from the platter and tonearm. The carbon fiber arm is very substantial and impressive looking. The Sumiko EVO III cartridge is also amazing, sounds really good and costs $550 separately. I'm no turntable expert, but IMO the 9.2 sounds better than my Pro-Ject Debut Esprit 'table. It's more dynamic. Quiet passages are quieter. The silence between cuts is deeper. Treble sound more delicate and precise. Bass is taught. This is the best piece of audio gear I've ever owned and don't think you can go wrong with this deal!

- Dave Hill, IL

Owned one year now and still happy with the 'table. Works flawlessly and is great to look at to boot. LPs sound quieter with this one and I can listen deeper into the recordings. Recommended.

- Paul E, AR