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Added A New Dimension ...

The first woofer I've had in my home that seamlessly blends with my Magico S3 speakers. I find it impossible to detect where the Magico's leave off the and woofer kicks in. Added another dimension to my listening pleasure. Great gear!

- Mark Hahn, ME
Awesome Subwoofer!

This is an awesome subwoofer IMO. Using the SHO with my fav Vandersteen loudspeakers and am hearing added depth and richness on both orchestral and rock. transients are now awesome! Connecting as recommended with a cable directly to my Pass power amp.

- Joseph Crane, OH
Would Recommend To a Friend

Very please with how musical the S5 sounds in my system. It's a very fast woofer that easily keeps pace with my PSB T2 tower speakers - also very fast. It gave me the added a level of bass detail is was hoping for and my T2s now sound more effortless. Would recommend to a friend and that's the best thing I can say about any audio product.

- T.C., TN
More Than Enough Power ...

Just connected this woofer one week ago and the sound is amazing. After listening to the Rel for both music and movies, I was impressed with the clean and quick response. This SHO model has more than sufficient power in this sub for my system in a moderately large room.

- Randall W, IA
Good For Maggies

Using with Magnepan 3.6 powered by MacIntosh mono amps and the sound is just amazing. The speed of this woofer easily keeps pace with the maggies - that's not something many subs can do. The S5 was a huge improvement in the systems dynamic range. Quiet passages are very calm but dynamic passages are simply awesome. Great upgrade! Using with Kimber's REL wire kit.