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Amazing Value For The Cost

After upgrading my power conditioner and spending upwards of $500 on new Pangea Premier SE cables, I replaced my Project MM phono preamp with this gem. I hear depth and warmth to the music that makes me regret not buying this earlier. The added sonic clarity makes it sound like the performance is taking place in front of you. The isolated power supply is a huge consideration for me. Also the ability to use either MM of MC phono cartridges is fantastic. If all you're doing is to play vinyl on your turntable and you're using $10 cables, this is probably more than you need and you will not be able to fully appreciate its capabilities, but if you've gone big with your system does not want to go another $2,000 on a phono preamp, this one is very capable and an amazing value for the price.

- B.B., CT

This pre is awesome! Beautiful and the sound is as good as I've heard in my system. How much more would you have to spend for major improvement? I am impressed with the sound. It is very quiet. All the details, great soundstage, mind-blowing headroom and tube warmth. MM and MC. Bigger in size than the Vincent PHO-8. I couldn't be happier!

- Sears, K, OK
Surpassed What I Expected

For the past few years I was using a solid state Cambridge Audio phono preamp and the difference is amazing. I had some expectations on what to expect and it blew away every one. Everything is fuller and warmer. It has truly brought by record collection to life. My old records that date back to the 70's and were played first on a B&O, and then later on a Thorens turntable now have new life and far better clarity. And the newer vinyl, including some MoFi special presses, are just flat out fantastic. This preamp surpassed my every expectation.

Tony C.V.
Great On Female Voice

Love my new Vincent phono stage! I turn down the lights and bask in the warm glow of the tube display, but what I love the most is this unit on vocals, especially female vocals. It's awesome! Try it with Diana Krall, Nora Jones, Adele, or Tina Turner. It's like they are in my room.

- Hansen, K.W., IA
Would Recommend T

Got this phono pre on the advice of a friend and glad I did. The thing looks so cool I almost want it for the looks alone, but there's also the sound. Comparing with my older NAD PP2 pre, this Vincent offers a bigger, more 3D-ish soundstage, more detail to the mids, and more punch to the bass. Only listening for a few hours now, but I am impressed and would also recommend to a friend. Good stuff.

- Shawn, D.H., VA
Good Value

Using 4 one month now and already can recommend it. Using with Ortofon 2M Red on a Rega and this pre is a good match. Planning to get an MC phono cartridge later and with this unit I now am ready. Great smooth sound with no bite or irritation. Details and spaciousness flow freely with a hint of warmth. Comparing to other audio gear this is a very good value for the money.

- Marcus S, IN
Thumbs Up

I just got a brand new Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable, Ortofon 2M Black, and Pangea audio cables. This Vincent pre was the final piece of the system that has totally blown me away. Twenty-five-year-old vinyl has never sounded so good. This phono preamp not only looks great, but sounds awesome. Love it! Shipped promptly and the unit was well-packed. Two thumbs up from me.

- Allison, Tom, TN
Awesome Product

Awesome product. Sound is as good as I've heard from my Rega 'table. Very quiet. Precise details, big soundstage, with wonderful tube warmth. The adjustments are great. I'm thinking of upgrading my phono with a moving coil cartridge and now I can dial-in the phono preamp for perfect sound.

- Nicholi T, DE
What High-End Audio Is All About!

Living with for one month now and I can't say enough great things about this phone preamp. Using with my revised Thorens TD124 turntable and Koetsu mc cartridge. I really think its the perfect match. My preamp and amp are solid state, but I think putting tubes at this critical juncture - right off the phono cartridge - adds the magic I was looking for in my system. Rich, holographic, 3D images, with great concert hall ambience and bountiful bass. This is exactly what high-end audio is all about!

Retro Jimmy D
Cool Kit!

The most beautiful piece of audio gear I own. I keep on top of the rack, next to my Pro-Ject Classic 'table. Sounds as good as it looks. Very quiet. Richly detailed. Great soundstage space. Mind-blowing headroom. Richness throughout the midrange. Love the new adjustment settings on the bottom. Cool kit!

- Marty S, HI
Two Thumbs Up

I just finished a major overhaul of my entire analog front end with a EAT B-Sharp 'table, Ortofon 2M black cartridge, Pangea Premier SE interconnects and this new Vincent PHO-701. The 701 is an upgrade of the highly rated 700 with USB output and adjustments for cartridge loading. I havent played with the USB output yet, but I dialed in my Orotfon and it sounds awesome. Love it! Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

- Kitson J, TN