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Clear and Detailed

The sound was very clear, more detailed than I had expected from a tube amp. It has headroom to spare plus very deep and tight bass. If you like dynamics, you will like the WA6-SE.

- Rudolph J, FL
Need Power? Here It Is

Power freak? It screams power. Power without distortion. That's the name of the game here. Power and beauty. If you hear this you will be happy with it right out of the box. It gets even better after burn in.

Jeanette L
Do you need to spend this much? Yes.

Very sound and solid little amp. Do you need to spend this much? It is a bargain for any music lover who spends time with a really nice pair of headphones and maybe a glass of wine.

- Danny Lowe, OH
Jazz It UP

This special edition is well special. If you listen to jazz it will keep up and if like me you listen to rock you will say pump up the volume. I recommend it for any music type you like.

Frank's Voice is So Smooth

Tubey, doobie, doo. It do sound so wonderful. I was just listening to Frank Sinatra, and Frank's voice is so smooth, but so much more is revealed by the WA6-SE. I hate to say it's like he was right there in the room, because everyone says that, but the depth and the dimensionality of his voice is right there, folks. I have a whole new appreciation for Frank.

Phyllis Maxwell