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amazing integrated, worth the price

I got this to a/b with my tube gear, and it was no contest. I like integrateds due to cost, simplicity, and avoiding another lossy/sound altering interconnect path. I did some pretty extensive a/b/.../n on DACs and settled on the Bryston, and so included Bryston for my integrated testing along w/ rega, etc. With good cables, speakers, and a nice source, this integrated is simply amazing. Id say its one of the best buys Ive made. With good source material and associated gear it doesnt sound solid state at all, no grain, and fabulous handling of the whole spectrum. I find the B60 more than powerful enough with my 90db efficient speakers, but I tend to medium/low listening levels. I didnt have access to a Creek Destiny 2, which would be a sensible one to try, among others. My bet is you cant go wrong with the Bryston, based on my experience with it. If you dont have decent cables, however, youre not going to fully benefit from it; the engineer in me was reluctant to accept that, but its true.

- C B, CA