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Was not a quality build...died just after warranty was up...

This amplifier had a really great sound until around 6 months after the warranty period was up. At that time the left channel stopped working. There was no recourse other than contacting NAD. NAD initially said they would try to do something for me to honor the warranty but later said they wanted $125 + shipping to repair the unit and that the repair only had a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. With such a short warranty on the repair and the thought of sinking more money into a problematic unit I declined their offer and instead will buy a Pioneer amp. I had my last Pioneer amp for over 30 years before it gave me trouble. Im hoping for a similar experience with the NADs replacement. Beware of the build on this model.

- Steve S, NJ
Perfomance surprise in a small package.

Just replaced my 30 year old integrated amp which held it own against new equipment until the left channel started going away. I was pleasantly surprised as this amp sounds better than its big brother 326BEE right out of the box. Cannot wait until it has 60 plus hours of break in time. Solid sound stage has good depth and placement of instruments. Vocals are clear and crisp. Bass is good but should improve over time and med range is smooth and detailed. My little Energy RC10s never sounded better. Great sound for a bargain price.

- Doug L, TN
One gets what one pays for

My Marantz PM 7200 finally bit the dust recently and I could not afford a suitable replacement at the time. I had read good reviews about the NAD c316bee and noticed that it had won awards, so I decided to purchase one. I gave it plenty of opportunity to burn in. Im sorry. I really tried to like it. It does reveal a good deal of low-level detail and has excellent channel separation. I also use it as a cheap two-channel home theater amp, in which it performs better than the Marantz did. For music, however,it just doesnt quite do it for me. It is so midrange heavy it just sounds harsh and grainy. Perhaps Im not being fair. My speakers are a DIY project using powerful twelve inch woofers and most people are most likely to use this with small bookshelf speakers. The amp has its merits but it is just not my cup of tea.

- James W, AR
My man cave amp

I just received this amp early today great, quick service from Audio Advisors and am blown away! I purchased this to update the system in my basement woodworking shop, which was my college system from the late 70s. My man cave system tops our multi thousand dollar home theater set-up and our sitting room stereo system again many times the price range of this amp. This has to be one of the best audio bargains out there!

- Tony Z, PA