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Pleasant Surprise

So I bought it for it's size. Duh. Spot it was going has bad reception. I've had two Kenwood KT-615s in there - one restored - an NAD 4130, and a few others. Noisy, weak reception - really need an outdoor or attic antenna. You see it coming. Using the rather short straight-wire antenna that came-with, I'm getting the cleanest sound I've had in that room, same spot. Not saying it's a supersensitive DXing dream or anything - strictly local channel FM listener - just that it worked well for my spot where some pretty respectable tuners did not. Hope the hi-tech display holds up awhile. Also, this tuner has some weight to it - you know how small plastic-box streamers and such tend to get dragged or tilted by thick cable - not so with this small metal box, an advantage when installing. So I'm very happy with the choice.

Good FM replacement tuner.

Purchased to replace an aged Proton 440 tuner. Antenna connection: Pal female coaxial adapter to F female or male required but not included. Log on to Show Me cables and find what you need. Good set up instructions and excellent sound. Stations near and far come through with clarity unexpected with a unit this size. Audio Advisor Customer service is outstanding.

- Doug L, TN
Credit where credit is due

FM being the afterthought it has become, I bought this mostly to appease the wife. Boy did I underestimate this unit. Even w factory cables from the bottom of the drawer, this sounds amazing. Makes you want to listen. Great seperation. Black between stations and songs. Cannot go w/o mentioning the super cool startup screen.

- Rob R, AL