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It Works

My cleaning process involves several steps. I use the Spin Clean as a rinse and final scrub before vacuuming with a Nitty Gritty. They could have made the rollers fit better, because they rattle around some as the record is spun. It does what I need it to do, though. Oh, just in case youre wondering, the water doesnt run all over the label like you might think. Ive used it on several hundred records so far with no problems.

- Jim M, OH
Yes it works, but....

The debris that sinks to the bottom of the reservoir attests to the fact that it cleans records. But dont expect miracles. It doesnt produce silent grooves from snaps crackles and pops. Also, I got good drying results from ordinary bath and hand towels. The records were ready to play in a few minutes. I cant imagine why another reviewer reported chewed up rollers after a few uses. If they hesitate to rotate, put a bit of Vaseline on the axles. WARNING! I was not pleased to see a long radial scratch on a new record, obviously produced by a foreign object trapped in the brushes. This is a problem that needs attention. Especially, considering the substantial price. It is just a plastic tray. Any Handy Andy could make one for a pittance. But, it will remove superficial dirt, so if youre not handy or have other priorities and are feeling lucky concerning foreign objects in the brushes, its probably worth having. Except for the scratch, I dont regret the purchase. Why doesnt the preview for this show apostrophes?

- Vincent K, WA