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VPI - Great American products!

I purchased my HW-16.5 in 1987 to improve my vinyl experience, and could not be happier. This piece is the cornerstone of my vinyl playback equipment. This piece improves every aspect of vinyl. It significantly reduces debris in the grooves resulting in audibly lower noise floor and extended stylus life. I use it regularly, that is about 20 cleanings a week. I recently purchased replacement tube and brush again from Audio Advisor and it continues to perform as new. That's a great product in my book!

- Charlie K, MI
VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine

Superior results from this workhorse.

- Jeffrey R, MN

This the first cleaning machine I have used. Though the records looked spotless prior to mechanical cleaning there was a significant decrease in the various noises on playback following use of this product. For this reason the VPI machine is a worthwhile investment. I was suprised by the results.

- matthew z, NJ