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Hugely recommended

I used the Dragonfly 1.2 every day for over a year with headphones and my desktop speakers and was very happy with the sound. Then I heard the Dragonfly Red was able to decode MQA-encoded recordings and decided to upgrade. The difference in sound was startling. Its hard to beleive the amount of added detail and the vocal harmonies are positively live. Hugely Recommended.

Anderson J
What a Gem

What a gem. Plug n play is musical heaven. How they get all this magic into a small package is beyond me. Using hi-res music files and excellent headphones lets you hear what this dac is truly capable of. Even well-recorded CDs sound very good.

- William S, CT

Amazing product. The sonic difference from my Mac Pro dac was immediately noticeable. Rich, real sound. Adds realism to my fav acoustic music. Using now with Grado SR125 'phones.

- Lim Han, BC
Good Sound - Excellent Portability

Using with iPhone 7 and Westone W60 earbuds and streaming Qobuz which offers hi-res streaming. Sound quality is as good as the AK70 and close to the Chord Mojo. What I like best is portablility. I take it to the beach, grass and even forest with me.

- M.Z., WA
Wish I bought one sooner

Compared to the sound from my iPhone the Red's bass sounded radically deeper and more defined, higher to higher and sound more pristine and real. Its as if the music came ALIVE. Causes tingles up and down my spine to listen now. Amazing. Simply amazing. Wish I had bought one sooner.

- Charles K, NM
Sound Amazing. Use with TIDAL

Sounds even better than my Dragonfly v1.2. Using with iPhone 7 and Sennheiser HD700s and they sound amazing. For best results, use with your computer and TIDAL streaming. TIDAL is worth it for the lossless music.

- I am a student, IN
Hear the Crickets

Truly AMAZING sound quality. I know your computer says it has a fantastic sound chipset but they are wrong. Plug this in and you will hear the crickets chirp in the back of the studio while the music is being mixed. Don't mess around, however, with a $20 pair of headphones for this. Get yourself a good pair of audiophile headphones instead of spending money on your speakers.

- Professor Myles, KS
Best Portable DAC

Best portable DAC for the money. Period. Even drives my $1500 Sennheiser HD800 headphones.

- Vladimir P, NY
Very detailed and alive

A friend told me about this little wonder and I'm glad he did. With a good set of headphones and decent streaming service - I like TIDAL - you will hear a DRAMATIC difference in sound quality compared to what you're used to hearing. Very detailed and alive.

- T.D.T., VA
Zounds Better Than It Has A Right To!

OK, here's a twist for you. I've using the Dragonfly Red DAC as the main DAC on my system - streaming music from my MacBook into the amplifier and then directly into my B&W speakers. The system sounds way better than it has any right too! Also using with my IPhone with my car stereo -but hear I found the AQ Jitterbug make a HUGE difference in the sound. Hey's it s under fifty bucks so get yourself one. Especially if you have a long commute to work like I do.

- Starvin' Pete, DC
Did Not Expect This

Using with Audeze Sine and Sennheiser HD600s and violins feel real and voices sound incredibly natural. I did not expect to be this impressed by such a tiny and inexpensive product!

- Don A, FL
Red Dragonfly v1.0 Rocks!

I burned it in overnight before listening. My previous step up was the HiFiMAN EF-2A $189 and ARCAM rDAC $499 list combination. The dynamics of the Red Dragonfly are a big improvement. A co-worker said, Wow, it really woke up the Viso HP50. Congratulations! Instruments are placed widely apart, phasing effects are obvious, and multi-tracked vocals are readily apparent. Pianos especially are much truer, due to better attack and decay. Images are solid and believable.

- James L, OH