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Jitterbug Improvement Was Not Subtle

I was a little concerned about slight harshness while playing hi-res digital files from an outboard solid-state drive connected to my streaming device. I wasn't sure the Jitterbug would work in this application, however, once added, the improvement was easily noticeable. Using the Jitterbug, the sound was smoother and provided a clearer soundstage.

- R L, VA
it actually works

Was skeptical even though online forums and reviews were positive but it being so cheap and Audio Advisors return policy I had nothing to lose. Plugged it into a USB2 port at back of my computer and attached my Pangea USB cable to it. Playing familiar songs, I noticed more space between instruments and gave the songs a more 3d presence in my Naim setup. Ordered a USB Regen from another site - Seems to be a bigger improvement when combining Jitterbug with Regen. Shipping was quick from AA.

- Yuri, GA
Takes digital music to the next level

Immediately I heard a difference even before my electronics warmed up. The music flows out of the speakers. Gone is the digital glare and hardness. The most analog digital Ive heard. Even if this thing was $500, it would be worth every penny.

- Ed P, MI
One of the best and cheapest investment for digital audio

What can I say that for about $50, the Jitterbug delivers audio improvements with my Winbook tablet as being my primary source for Redbook rips and hi-rez albums. I have it connected to my Sony MAP-S1s DAC and its hard to describe, but the end result is the music sounding more clear and detailed. I tried it on my Thinkpad and did notice a subtle difference, but not as much as with the Winbook tablet. I can only surmise that due to the dense circuitry with tablets in general, all USB ports will be dirty with so-called digital noise. Im very pleased with the product. It delivers as advertised. As always, Audio Advisor shipped quickly with the best customer service in the business. Thanks again.