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Get these cables

My speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze 2, which sounded very good with the prvious speaker cables. These speakers have clarity that is top notch with no decirnible colorations in the sound. Imaging is holographic, you can place instruments and singers in the sound stage. The speakers tonal balance is neutral but a little bass shy. I wanted to try a differant set of speaker cables to bring out the bass. After much reading and comparing reviews, I went with the AudioQuest type 8 After letting the cables to break in for a couple hours , all I can say there is a differance. Instruments are more defined in space, Treble is a bit clearer, Bass is also more defined and there is a bit more punch, the bass shyness is all but gone, midrange is cleaner and more fluid. . The differances are noticable. I am very happy with my purchase. I did not think these speakers could sound much better, excellant speakers the Montor Audio Bronze 2 and excellent cables!. The cable terminationsin are beautifully done. Randy does good work! These cables are well worth getting.

- Larry S, IL
Cable Skeptic Convinced

Let the say straight off I’ve been a cable skeptic for my whole life. As an engineer, I just couldn’t understand how a transmission wire could make any difference in the sound. I know AudioQuest is a good company with lots and lots of technical innovations baked into their products so finally I decided to give these cables a try. I replaced older zip-cord I probably bought at the hardware store or got free with some speaker setup years ago. It took only a few minutes to hear a sonic change when I first plugged these in. The sound was clearer and the instruments were appearing in a more defined space. I thought the system was sounding bright at first, but later I decided it was just that the older cables were dull because the system sounded more natural in the highs. I think the main gain I hear is in the mids. I like opera and the tonal character of the tenors and baritones sound richer and more natural. There’s also a heaviness to the baritones I wasn’t hearing before. This is a good product and a good upgrade for me. Thanks to Audio Advisor for the great service. They’ve always been spot-on in service accuracy.

- Alec K, CA
Exceptionally Good Cables

Audio Advisor is the place to get these, the end terminations are done with perfection. I can't do a direct comparison. From Heresy IIs with Type 4, to Forte IIIs with vertical bi-wire Type 8. I do know the old speakers got 80 wpc from my amp, the new ones bi-wired get 50% more to each. The sound reproduction I'm getting does not sound like it is re-produced. I can get lost in it no matter the volume. It is that much better. The 4 is equivalent to 15 gauge in mass, this Type 8 is equivalent to a 12 gauge. That's only mass, it doesn't account for the engineering done for these cables to nurture the electric particles toward the speakers. Only wish I could have gotten two sets of this Type 8 for true bi-wire. "Hey Mikey... Try it, You might like it" Well I tried it, and I'm hooked!

Great speaker cables!

These cables will bring your music alive. Lots of details and great sound stage. Much more realism to the sound. Glad I made this purchase. Worth every penny !

- Mike, MS
Big Difference

They absolutely do make a big difference and are a huge step up for those who are into audiophile quality sound.

- Andy C, NH
Inexpensive Investment In Your System

This speaker cable is a long time favorite of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. You will hear things that you have never heard before on familiar recordings, especially subtle inner details that have been masked or veiled by other cables .These bring new life to your system at a very affordable price and it is fun to hear what you've been missing all those years. Very happy with this purchase.

Wells S
Great Value

Great cables, very transparent clear sound, with great resolution of detail, soundstage and imaging, extension of high / low frequencies... and... good value compared to other high priced cables.

- Bell A, NV
Yes, you should do this

Audioquest has got it going on. I have been a big fan of the company for some time now. Take it from an old audiophile, you can do no better for the money. I just bought these cables and they smoked my hand made designer cables. I unhooked my expensive sub and stuck it in the closet....I don't need it anymore. These cables brought out the beast in my Martin Logan towers. I am elated to say the least. Take the horse blankets off your speakers and give them the hookup without a second mortgage.

- Sandy H, NJ
Very Satisfied

I m very satisfied with the overall performance that these cables are producing the highs are sharp and the mids are smooth the bass is deep if you are considering upgrading your speaker cables put them on your shopping list you will not be disappointed

- Fernando L, HI
Ridiculously Good

These cables are ridiculously good, with my Martin Logan Electrostatic Speakers. ESL. Fantastic upgrade from what I was using before.

- AZ T, MT
Clean Sound

Audioquest make some great cables. This series is very transparent and without the coloration that you have with ordinary generic speaker cable. Music just feels alive, especially at volume

- HB, IL


Unbelievable for the price

I just received the cables today via USPS. They made a huge difference, better detail in the music Tighter bass response, More open soundstage The pair I ordered are Bi Wired. They go very well with my new speakers I purchased from Audio Advisor. Its almost like having a new component in my system. Am I happy.