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Lucky to Have Bryston

I'm glad I waited for the BDP3 before trying someone else's digital music player. Harmonious is the word I would use. Brings the quality of a mint LP on the best turntable to digital files if you feed it a highest quality recording. I'm lucky enough to have other Bryston gear that makes this sound especially good, but really, do yourself a favor and invest in today's hi-fi.

Merril R
This Thing is Sweet

I had already just about decided to pop for BDP3, and when I saw it was Roon Ready that sealed the deal. This thing is sweet. Like everything made by Bryston, it's as tough as nails in its build quality, expansive in its capabilities, and you can't beat the performance.

Has What You Need

Slick and has what you need. Everything. Like DSD 128 and high-resolution PCM up to 32-bit/384-kHz files, even TIDAL and Roon and exciting sound no matter what input or sources are used. Highly recommended.

- Carter, CO

The music produced from this player is incredible. Great high quality player, produces crystal clear sound with my HD700 headphones, which is how I like to listen. Now I have to upgrade my amp and preamp to do justice to the BDP3. It's just that good that you will want it as your digital music centerpiece.

- FJ, PA
Pleased by improvement so far

Full disclosure: this is my third Bryston BDP but the first time I've written any sort of review. I had the original BDP and upgraded two years ago to the BDP2. But the "2" was missing DSD support and I'm want to hear what all the fuss is about with this format. With my tax refund check I picked up the new "3". Well the "3" runs faster, loads files quicker and sounds cleaner, more detailed and faster than the model "2". The dark background I loved about the "2" is now a deeper and darker black. It's a noticeable improvement. I haven't yet taken full advantage of the potential of this new model, but I'm already pleased by what I hear. Stay tuned.

- John G., AZ