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Words Cannot Explain ...

Words cannot explain how happy I am with my new EAT B Sharp turntable. First off, it’s a beautiful turntable that looks fantastic on top of my audio rack. Pictures just cant do the tonearm justice - its very high-tech looking and, at the same time, has a jewel-like finish. The turntable came 90% assembled. I had it playing LPs in a few minutes. The sound is completely amazing and way better than the Rega RP-2 it replaced. LP background noise has dropped below a whisper. Bass is thunderous and explosive. The decay in high frequncey instruments seems to go on forever. This is an excellent, excellent product. I am now in analog heaven!

- Johnson A, IA
Beautiful Turntable with Sound to Match

Beautiful! This table has exquisite sound to match it's good looks. The Ortofon 2M Blue phono cartridge was already installed. It levels out beautifully and in no time I was listening to vinyl like I've never heard before. The highs are crisp and presence is felt all around. I have a tube box S phono preamp from Pro Ject and it compliments the B Sharp extremely well. In my honest opinion, this may be the last turntable I ever buy!

- Alfonso T, NC
I did my research and ...

Did a lot of research before I got this turntable, and am very happy with it. Set up went pretty smoothly the cartridge was already mounted. The table itself is great looking, and getting it with the Ortofon cartridge is what really sold me on this model. I had a minor question about a part, and the Audio Advisor support person got back to me with email right away. A quality product at a great price.

- Travis King, IL
Very Pleased

This was my third turntable in as many months and my search is over. I'm keeping this one. First I tried a less expensive $400 Teac which seemed cheaply made, then a $1,000 Thorens which quit after five days. This one seems far better made that the other two. Made in the Czech Republic - which I like. Honestly, if this was made by Thorens - a Swiss/German company - it would cost at least $3,000. This one comes with a fantastic Ortofon cartridge that is apparently made exclusively for EAT and it delivers amazing sound - detail, dynamics, finesse - on both old and new vinyl. Using with a Vincent tube phonostage, McIntosh amp and B&W 803 loudspeakers. Very pleased by this purchase.

- Jerry R, DC
Wonderful 'Table and Great Sound

This is a wonderful turntable for the money !! If you price out the cartridge, metal clamp, and the amazing tonearm, they alone could cost more then the entire package. A really great value. Wonderful folks to deal with. Shipped the unit out very fast !!!

- Andrea, OR