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Best Sounding Source

My previous CD player was the Naim CDX, but this SA10 upgraded my system from good to outstanding. The sound on Redbook CDs is amazing. My bass is deaper, highs are clearer, sound stage is both wider and more precise. As good as my CDs sound, this machine brings SACD to an even higher! I always thought my system was good, but was missing something and the SA10 delivers it. Music comes to life, but in a natural sounding way. It sounds like real live music and not something artificial. This unit is pricey, but is the best sounding source I have owned in 20+ years of experimentation.

- Hank P, CA
Spine-Tinglingly Great

This is the best CD-SACD player I have ever heard. If you love musical accuracy, get this player. If you love spine-tingling crescendos, get this one. If you want to find yourself getting lost listening deep into the performance - this is the one for you.

- Christoph E, CA
Get This Player!!!

I just upgraded from the Marantz SA 8005 to this SA10 and the difference in performance was stunning. The Sa 8005 was performing flawlessly in my system but after Marantz introduced this new model I kept thinking maybe I should upgrade. I tried a number of other CD players over the past two years, but none sounded as good on SACDs as my 8005. Until now, that is. The SA 10 catapulted my system into another dimension of sound. This is one smooth sounding player with smooth operation to match. I think it has the best remote control I've ever seen. It's about time one these manufacturers got that right! All the functions I need are on the remote and they are easy to find. The SA 10 sounds amazing on SACDs, of course, but what really surprised me is how good my redbook CDs sounded. Straight from the box, with hardly any warm up, the instruments sounded so real in 3D space it was breathtaking. Top end is crystal clear and with precise detail. The bass goes deeper than I thought any CD could. Overall its simply more musical than any other CD player I've owned or heard before. SACD sound has also improved. Their sound gets near to the lush sound of my ClearAudio turntable set up - and that's saying something. Build quality is superb and better than any piece of audio gear I've ever owned. This was the biggest improvement I have heard in my system so far. Don't argue with yourself, just get this player!

- Erin L, NY
Stereo Reference Player

Someone complained to me that this isn't multi-channel, but stereo is the reference in the audio world. There are perhaps a hundred thousand SACDs and the minority of these are multi-channel, that's not the primary audience for SACD. It's changing, sure. But many of us get so much dimensionality out of two-channel sound that five, seven, eleven channels, whatever you use for home theater isn't necessary with a well-designed two-channel stereo system. If that is what you have and that is what you seek, she SA-10 performs as well as anything out there you will find for anywhere near the price.

- Mori, OR
Nice supise

I bought this to replace a SA-11S3 and was happy with that. The SA10 is far superior. That upgrade was a nice surpise.