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Smooth as Silk with MQA to boot

I had read good things about MQA and experienced it at AXPONA in Chicago 2016 and 2017. Tidal is my main source millions of songs. Most of my listening is on computer with lovely Grado's. So I called Audio Advisor and asked what USB DAC has it all for a good price. No contest really. Meridian Explorer 2 Plugged it in and Whoa! This is coming from my MAC? Holy Moley. So smooth, clear and fluid, yet not sacrificing the detail, but enhancing the detail. At AXPONA 2017 my neighbor was driving his $30K speaker system with the headphone jack from his laptop I said wait a minute, try this. He plugged it in and the look of astonishment on his face was priceless. Wow! What a huge difference. We listened happily for the rest of the show. In this price range, very hard to beat the Meridian Explorer 2. I love it. Thanks Audio Advisor for another good call.

- Paul M, IA

Initial impression; this is my first Meridian product and it initially appears to fully meet their stratospheric reputation. First class all the way from packaging to that most important metric: sound. Even Pandora Plus sounds good. Looking forward to Hi-Res and MQA...

- Geoffrey D, FL