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Good Sound - Great Service

Life is too short to miss out on the good stuff. The Explorer2 is a terrific product. The best way to experience MQA streaming in an affordable DAC and an outstanding portable headphone amp. I had an issue getting MQA files to play through Tidal. I emailed Meridian support with my issue and they contacted me right away with both an email and a call. The email included screenshots of exactly what I needed to do and it worked perfectly. Outstanding customer service. Highly recommended.

- Sinclair J, NH
Good Gear

Good piece of audio gear, MQA masters on Tidal are floating my boat nicely. Fantastic valve for money. Using with Oppo PM3 headphones and they work together very well indeed.

- Sanders R, INT
Works and Sounds Great

This compact DAC is a fast and convenient way to connect a set of decent quality headphones to a PC or Mac. Using with a set of Sennheiser HD650s which a sort of hard to drive. Works like a charm. Works perfect with my iTunes files and with my Tidal HIFI subscription. Sounds just great.

- R. Prince, LA
Good For Streaming and More

This clever DAC is an absolute jewel, either through headphones or an external amp, particularly if you connect it to a computer streaming an MQA source, such as the many albums now available on Tidal HiFi. These are some of the best quality reproductions I have heard so far. The improvement I hear in sound is very good when compared against other HD sources I have heard.

- Geoff P, MI
Everything Sounds Better

This is amazing. Even 320kbps MP3s sound better when plugged on my Mac. Can even hear the difference when plugged with the Bose Soundlink Mini when you travel. Music sounds even better on FLACs. Its portable and very light. Did a blind test with my wife and she can actually tell the difference when the DAC is connected playing 320kps MP3s.

- Pavel D, KY
Great Portable DAC

Only portable DAC with MQA that I could find at any price. With Tidal now providing Master Quality Authenticated MQA streaming through PC/MAC only, I needed a DAC that supports MQA that I could easily transport for use with MS Surface and with my other Windows 10 PCs. This was my first time purchasing a Meridian product and I am very pleased. Packaging, build quality, performance, and price make this the only choice to consider for portable DAC if you want to make sure you can listen to MQA now and in the future. As one reviewer stated when reviewing MQA, "..when looking at a new DAC, if it does not support MQA, game over." Excellent product, highly recommend, and yes, I would purchase again.

- Kim C, NM
Five Stars

Lovely sound unit. Pairs well with HiFi Man HE560 'cans which can be hard to drive.

- Roberto S, NV

Terrific product. The best way to experience MQA streaming in an affordable DAC and an outstanding portable headphone amp. now i can listen to Tidal's Master series in it's MQA splendor.

- Delbert R, OH
Bought to go with Tidal

Purchased this unit to compliment my Tidal Subscription which now offer MQA. I feed it into a Yamaha Receiver which in turn drive two JM Lab Tower Speakers. Whether it be Jazz, Classical, Rock or Alternative I am thrilled with the extra depth with MQA. I also notice a great sound from regular CD quality feeds also from my music server. This is a great little addition and was easy to set up.

- Bart J, AR
Great with Oppo PM3s

A must have for an audiophile. Best used with Oppo-3 headphones which deliver booming, crystal clear sound via this amp/dac.

- Stewart H, IL
Smooth as Silk with MQA to boot

I had read good things about MQA and experienced it at AXPONA in Chicago 2016 and 2017. Tidal is my main source millions of songs. Most of my listening is on computer with lovely Grado's. So I called Audio Advisor and asked what USB DAC has it all for a good price. No contest really. Meridian Explorer 2 Plugged it in and Whoa! This is coming from my MAC? Holy Moley. So smooth, clear and fluid, yet not sacrificing the detail, but enhancing the detail. At AXPONA 2017 my neighbor was driving his $30K speaker system with the headphone jack from his laptop I said wait a minute, try this. He plugged it in and the look of astonishment on his face was priceless. Wow! What a huge difference. We listened happily for the rest of the show. In this price range, very hard to beat the Meridian Explorer 2. I love it. Thanks Audio Advisor for another good call.

- Paul M, IA

Initial impression; this is my first Meridian product and it initially appears to fully meet their stratospheric reputation. First class all the way from packaging to that most important metric: sound. Even Pandora Plus sounds good. Looking forward to Hi-Res and MQA...

- Geoffrey D, FL