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The theos very well done

The Theos panel is very seamless very good imaging and soundstaging Good up to a med sized room .the bigger the panel the bigger the sweet spot which is pretty big as big as s good conventional speaker off axis. The bass is decent ,not totally seamless but close. The new Masterpiece series is Night and Day better. Powered bass is for sure the way to go .the speaker is designed with the Bass and look for the 24 bit active Crossover .the Bass is completely seamless and panel works from 300hz on up.

- Paul L, MA
One Month In And - Amazing

I've had my Theos in my system for over a month now and my main comment is - Wow! These by far the most transparent, revealing and neutral speaker I have ever owned - and I've been an audio nut for 35 years. First off, the speakers totally disappear in the room leaving behind a musical performance that's three dimensional and oh so captivating. Highs seem to go on forever and the bass is like a kick in the gut. I've used them with my Parasound A21 amp and my ancient Dynaco tube amp and they sound beautiful with both - although the A21 just smokes the old tube amp. I've also tried different speakers cables and ended up preferring the Analysis Plus Oval Nine by quite a bit. The Oval Nines are just so neutral and they bring out the best in the Theos. Highest Recommendation to both!

- Byron L, KY
Excellent Sound

The Theos are even better than I expected. After about 24 hours of break-in the sound warm and transparent and so clear and detailed I'm hearing things in records I NEVER heard before. Excellent sound. Beautiful, too.

- Jonas G, MO
Natural and Immersive

Hands down, one of the most natural and immersive speakers that i have ever heard. They deliver the most rewarding musical experience you will have next to hearing the music live. I've compared speakers a few thousand dollars more expensive than these, and they are not close to the sound.

- Tony Peron, AZ
Huge Soundstage and Excellent Bass

Open, airy and amazing soundstage. Soundstage is much wider than the B&W speakers I replaced. Build quality is excellent - solid and gorgeous. Like a work of art. Tried them with both my Musical Fidelity and Plinius amps and the sound was great with both. Slowly over time I noticed they are sounding warmer. The bass also must be breaking in because they sound more dynamic.

- Mark S, PA
These Speakers Speak

Wow. That's all I can say. It's like a new level of being inside the music. Detail amazing. Bass clarity, detail, and width are all perfectly balanced.

- Reuben R, NY
ESL speakers that perform far above their price point

At the current promo price of 30% off of MSRP, the ML Theos is a true steal - I've owned several Magnepan, Acoustat and older ML models over the decades, and it is all too obvious that the technology has advanced to where ES panels can be made smaller and sound twice their physical size - These MLs may be played at a low volume, and all of the music is present in extremely high clarity and at full bandwidth - Also the Theos is the one model in this series that can be bi-wired or passively bi-amped - A distinct advantage for ultimate bass control.

- TubeGuy, CO