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Good Sound That Won't Break The Bank

Using this with a Macbook Air to drive some ELAC UB5 speakers and after the first few weeks I am mightily impressed. I took the plunge based purely on reviews, although my choice was neck and neck with the Marantz PM6006 for a while. Fabulous spacious detailed sound with lots of flexibility input - wise. I use Tidal as my source primarily and i would highly highly recommend one of these if you want good sound without breaking the bank.

- Frazier L, OH
Good Product

This NAD D 3020 is a well designed little powerhouse with 30 watts per channel, a super Bluetooth device built in, and so far it works perfectly with any device I've connected with. The unit has more than enough power to run medium-sized speakers for small to medium sized rooms. Outstanding in every respect and I can highly recommend. Thanks NAD and Thanks Advisor for fast delivery.

- Sean H, MA
Super Amp

This is a amp for modern times! Excellent sound from this amp, feature-wise it's right up there what with Bluetooth streaming and a good built in Dac. Am using it with Spendor speakers and it sounds great on all types of music.

- C.J., TN
Five Star Value

I have been in love with my KEF LS50's for many months and have been looking for a better amp to drive them and so I picked up this 3020. I had never imagined these speakers could sound so good. I am playing 24/96 FLAC files from my laptop running Roon software connected via USB and the sound is sublime. The clarity of the playback is very detail rich, but still silky smooth. Bass is tight, and strong. I give this amp four stars for sound but five stars for value and utility.

- Juergen B, MD

This amp seems tailor made for me. I don't have a lot of space and the D 3020 is just the right size, offers plenty of power and sound that's way better than I expected for this price. Fantastic value for the money in terms of both sonics and features. I can highly recommend it!

Stephen O
Amazing Value

Over many years I've owned lots of hi-fi sets ups including Arcam, Cambridge, Rotel, and etc. All of them had their virtues and vices, but none offered the value per dollar of this NAD 3020. Now using with B&W CM10 speakers and, wow, balanced and amazing sound. Some spark or nuance that was missing from my other electronics is now there. I can't see any of these others coming close for the price.

- Lex 818, AZ
Proper Hi-Fi at a Non-HiFi Price

Using with PSB Imagine Mini speakers and the sound is better than it should be for this budget. Fabulous spacious detailed sound with lots of flexibility input - wise. I use Tidal as my source primarily bluetoothed from my Samsung Tab S and i would highly highly recommend one of these. Proper hifi.

- Frasier J, CT
Good Value

I chose this amp partly as a result of the reviews and partly as I like being able to stand it upright. It's a very decent amp with regards to the sound quality. I have it connected to my Blu-ray and TV and am streaming TIDAL through my Samsung table.

- M.P., OK
Awesome for the price

Awesome amp! I researched this buy pretty well and definitly got a winner. Drives my Focal satellites with precision and authority. Lots of extra features, too.

Spencer Howard
Audiophile-On-A-Budget Nirvana!

Excellent upgrade to my old NAD intergrated. I never thought I'd use blue tooth streaming to listen to music but with this unit its very easy and sounds very good. Connected to ELAC B6 speakers and its a killer combo. Audiophile-on-a-budget Nirvana!

- Lewis T, KY
Smooth Operation

Great design. Well thought out product that performs flawlessly with either direct-connected sources or streaming through Blue tooth. Everything I've tried so far has connected quickly and played smoothly. First audio device I've owned that worked this well.

- Drummond K, MT
New Favorite Amp

Replaced an older Musical Fidelity A-Series amp which kept overheating. I didnt expect any sonic improvement but was surprised that my CDs sounded clearer on the 3020. I tried both the CD analog outputs and the digital output into the 3020's dac and the 3020 sounded far better. Don't be fooled by the 30WRMS rating, this amp puts out more than the ratings suggest. My favorite amp so far.

- Royce R, NC
Amazing Digital Amp

Amazing digital amp. Have it connected to my Apple Airport Express, raspberry pi music server, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit 'table, and KEF LS50's with a PSB subwoofer. Sounds great with every source. Very hard to find a digital amp with all these input options plus analog that sound decent. This one does.

- Vince J, NJ
Cool Produt

Sounds better than I expected even after reading the glowing online reviews. Plugged into Monitor Audio Silver 1 speakers and my sound is sensational. Vocals excell. Suprising bass. Connects quickly to my phone, tablet, well, everything! Cool product.

- Davis Woods, CO

My first amp was the 3020 based receiver, way back in 1980. Ive been away from serious listening for a dozen years for a variety of reasons, and am blown away by the D3020 with ERA d4s in a desktop PC-based setup. I received one of the first units in August, and am nearing the end of break-in now. This is simply great listening.

- C K, VA