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Product Reviews
Wow...a great Amp

Have had my amp 11 months. Terrific amp made my good system sound even better. After 100 hour break in the sound had improved and by 200 hours it was even better. I thought I had upgraded my speakers..it had that impact. Buying this amp has caused me to listen to some of my old and new vinyl, CDs and to run my action movies. My wife had to drag me out of the home theater family room. This amp produces very crisp mids and highs and very punchy but tight bass. You will love the A51! Be sure you have good air circulation, its a Class A/B and does run warm.

- Delmar M, WI
Customer Support

I have been in contact with Parasound several times before buying and after buying and I believe that you will never find a company more helpful in both knowledge and response time. Several times I received e-mails back from Richard Schramm President and Founder after 11:00pm within a couple of hours after me asking the question. Thanks for all you help Richard!

- Jason R, TX
good lookin piece

good lookin piece,but rate it 4 out of 5 because of the the noise from the torroidal after it has been playin for a while

- Randy S, PA
Fantastic Sound and Excellent Product Quality

Unit sounded fabulous right out of the box. Parasound manufactures very high quality products. I would recommend this amplifier to any serious audiophile. The unit produces very crip mids and highs and very punchy, tight bass. You will love the A51!

- Marc C, IL